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120gal Pictures to Share

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OK folks, you've seen some of the construction. But now, it's been up for... almost a month. The rock all came out of a pre-existing tank, so there was no cycle. Thus, I have a fairly bare but up-and-coming tank to share with y'all. The candy cane frag is from Joel. He also gave me some frogspawn and some zoos that you might be able to make out in the tank pics.

The Cinnamon Clownfish is the one I won at the Cap Bay meeting several months ago. Healthy and loving the new Bubble Tip from Marine Fish. He's so smart... even though he is tank raised, he knew exactly what to do with the BTA. The BTA is loving the AquaticCo lights... man, this is sounding like a ARC sponsor informercial. OK, while I'm at it... the MRC MR-1 is keeping the water sparkling for my old friends: the school of chromis, 6-line, Regal, and Yellow Tang.

I should have a web site soon dedicated to the tanks. I have some good 37g pics to. Until then....



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That rock work is rockin dude.

Sorry just saw Finding Nemo... ;)

But seriously that aquascaping looks great.

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