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Got 4 chromis and about 30 hermit crabs doing good!

Lost a convict tang about a week ago, not sure why, but he had been eating and doing good for about two days before he went ahead and passed over the course of an hour or two. =/

Corals are all doing great - current stock list (moved from my smaller tank and my boyfriends tank):
- bottle brush gorgonian
- neon green candy cane
- blue candy cane
- pink candy cane
- green hammer
- purple hammer
- green/yellow favia
- pipe organ
- povona
- zoas (eagle eye, chaos, candy apple pink, blue/red, green/brown, pink/white, gobstopper, yellow/green, gorilla nipples, purple hornets)
- blue mushroom
- ricordea yuma
- orange/white mushroom
- meteor shower cyphastrea
- trachyphillia
- lobo
- toadstool


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Also picked up an unidentified orange star last night - it wasn't eating coral at the store so we thought we'd take a chance on it.
It did digest a polyp of my candy canes over night so it's living in my sump right now, but if anyone wants to help me ID it they can check the ID thread here:

Some pics of the little guy (about 1.5in diameter right now):


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Update on tank:

Stock list:
- 4 chromis
- 1 occelaris clown
- 1 banggai cardinal
- 1 one spot foxface
- 1 scopas tang
- 1 falco hawkfish
- 1 yellow watchman
- 1 pistol shrimp
- 1 mandarin dragonet
- 1 pincushion urchin
- looking at getting a purple dottyback

Struggling to keep SPS alive - did well for about 2 months, then started to decline. Black sand maybe??

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I am glad you got your tank, but I am glad I have never sold you anything haha. You were probably their pickiest customer.

Nice looking tank btw.
I ordered a stock tank that they list on their site - simply converted to peninsula style. I don't think its unreasonable to expect something to be delivered on time and to at least get communication if it will be late for one reason or another without having to call for weeks first.

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Update on the tank - doing good! Not sure what was going on with the first round of SPS in the tank but they're all doing well now. =)

Boyfriend helped me make a screen top around the edges since I've had some issues with jumping fish - the screen only goes around the edges of the tank, I'm hoping it works well!

Right Side:

Left Side:


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