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Hey guys,

well, the oceanic 120RR is in the garage and the recessed area in the wall is plastered and being sanded.

Here are some new specifics:

We cut a 2 1/4 inch by 8 inch 'slot' in the base of the wall (so we wont have to hurt the new floor and it can be plastered and painted if we sell the house down the road).

-----This slot should allow all of the plumbing to go down to the basement with no problem. Its 7 feet from the floor to the sump set-up in tghe basement. Add 5 feet to the top of the tank and it looks like a 12 foot head.

-----I was thinking a MAG-24 for the return....looks like about 1400 GPH at a 12 foot head, which should be perfect, no? I am not used to using external pumps, so prefer the mag to go in the sump.

-----Figured that the sump would be a rubermaid tub, then add a refugium, etc...

I am still debating about MH vs. an 8 T5 bulb setup. I would like to have some SPS, but not SPS dominant, and the SPS could go a bit higher in the water column. The tank is 24 inches deep...but with a 4 inch DSB...

Anyway, I'm very excited about this project...especially the basement sump...

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