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OK! so after numerous questions and lots and lots of helpful answers and input to them I have finally got my 120 All Glass up and running.So here are some pictures for you viewing pleasure and please feel free to ask questions as well as provide input.
Equipment used:

120g All Glass 48x24x24
Diablo By Reef Octopus XS 200 Skimmer
Mag Drive 1800 Pump
Eshopps RS 200 Sump
2 Koralia 1450 gph power heads with Controller
Deep Blue Solar Extreme 48" 54x4 T5HO
2 10000k white and 2 actinic

Here is a look at the skimmer, its a diablo by reef octopus xs200

Eshopps RS200 Sump and plumbing

Front shot of tank, stand, and canopy. ( Wife using it as a temporary clothes line)

Hood Open

Top view

Half Full with water and the live rock from my old 90 gallon
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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