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110 tall for sale

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I know this is a late post but I've been really busy and spaced posting this sooner.

My 110 Tall Oceanic tank is for sale. Footprint is 48"W x 18"D x 31-32"H . It has a small chip on the back right edge but it does not have any effect on the strength of the tank. I had the tank full of water for 4 months and no leaks. I'm asking $275, which is what I paid for it. It has a homemade stand and canopy, but in all honesty they are not worth keeping IMHO. I was planning on building a new stand and canopy for it.

My truck either has a blown head gasket or cracked head so the truck has first priority and the tank is put on hold indefinately. I would rather see the tank sold than sit being stored for a long time. Once things settle down I'll get another tank to replace it when I know I can get it all going.
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Here arepics of the tank.
Here's the back
Here is a close up of the small chip along the back edge. The tank holds water fine with no leaks anmd it was up and running when I bought it. It's actually half full of water right now due to all of the rain lately.
Bummer, Don.... that's a crummy repair to have to make to the automobubble.......


Yeah I already have one of the heads pulled and still need to pull the other one. Fortunately it just looks like I blew the gasket. The new gaskets are ordered, I'm going to get the one head pressure checked just in case and have both of them resurfaced as well as ported and polished provided I can find someone who can/will do it. Then I just have to put it all back together... :( Worst part is trying to find the time between work and the rain. It will get done tho... :)
Bump this back up one last time...
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