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110 gallon reef 4sale

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i am selling all my equipment.110 gallon tank with cherry wood stand.$400 ro/di, $700 chiller,tank,sump, 120 pounds live rock, many corals, 6 fish,filters,power heads, live sand 2 HO/smartlights and much more to list.this whole thing cost me more than 4 grand. i am going away and everything must go. im in brooklyn new york. must come and pick up the stuff. i am selling it all for at least $1000.00 or the highest bidder. serious replys that can pick up only. this tank is alive and in great condition. my email is [email protected] or you can reply here. good luck. this is a steal.
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to all of you who want me to seperate the stuff here goes. the 1/4 power aqua chiller $400. ro/di 3 stage 100. tank and stand $400. 150 pounds of fiji live rock $200. 2 smartlites $100each. lots of snails hermits and corals will be thrown in. i live near ocean parkway, next to the belt parkway.
curious to know how old the chiller is? Thanks
i dont have any pics but i assure you this stuff is all less than a year oldand looks really good. the chiller was used for last summer and was bought new. used it for three months.i paid $800 for that chiller.
can you tell me if tank is reef ready?

if so how many intake /outake holes?

what is the tanks dimensions?

what are the dimensions on the smart lights?

where is the overflow in the tank?

Last of all any pictures?


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Holy smokes guys, for what he has listed hes getting ripped off.. take advantage of this deal and jump on a nice big reef tank. I wouldnt have let go for less than 2gs ;)
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