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My nano setup...

• 10 gallon acrylic tank (Aug '02)
• 4 gallon DIY refugium (Apr '03)
• Ice Probe chiller
• Piccolo protein skimmer (sits in Millenium 2000)
• Mini power filter w/ Rowaphos (in Millenium)
• Max flow rate from powerheads/filters is 1800 L/hr (470 gph)

• 1X55W 10000K PC on 12hr photoperiod
• 1x55W 17000K actinic PC on 12hr photoperiod
• 1X55W 50/50 PC on 11hr photoperiod
• 15W actinic FL on 13hr photoperiod (to simulate dawn & dusk)
• PC 13W for refugium on reverse 12hr photoperiod

Daily supplements (high-end of recommended dosage):
• Sea Elements (Julian Sprung's Reef Formula)
• Coralife Strontium Plus, Calcium and Iodine
• Kent Marine Coral Accel

• Marine Snow (microscopic plankton diet), half a capful 2x/day
• Marine fish food/pellets, 1x/day

Water parameters:
• Ph: 8.0 low 8.3 high
• Nitrite: undetectable/negligible
• Ammonia: undetectable/negligible
• Nitrate: undetectable/negligible
• Salinity: 1.025
• Calcium: 420 - 450ppm (Salifert)
• Temperature: 79.7 low 82.4 high
• Alkalinity: 9 - 10 DKH

Water, Ca & alk maintenance:
• Seachem Reef Carbonate (Builder), one capful 3x/wk in top-up water
• Seachem Reef Complete (Advantage Calcium), one capful 2x/wk in top-up water
• 10% water change every two weeks using Tropic Marin salt
• Water top-up 0.25 gal daily

Nano inhabitants:
• LPS - white alveopora, green/white alveo, torch, yellow cup, pipe organ, fox, candy cane, pastel yellow goniopora, favites sp (close brain), blastomussa
• SPS - green porite, brown porite, pink tip a., green tip a., a. humilis, a. millepora (green hairy), montipora danae, montipora sp. (green plate coral), agaricia (lettuce coral), purple tip table a.
• Soft coral - Dendronephthya (carnation tree coral: orange, pink, peach), red chili
• Polyps - clove, yellow, green star, brown
• Zoos - orange, yellow, green button, brown button, red, etc.
• Shrooms - blue, green hairy, etc.
• Inverts - cleaner shrimp, acro crabs, porite shrimps, misc reef crabs, X'mas tree worms (small and large sizes), feather duster worm, diadema setosum (long-spined urchin), snails
• Clams - tridacna maxima, t. crocea, t. derasa
• Fish - tomato clown, false percula clown, yellow canary wrasse, blue/yellow damsel
• Other - millepora sp (fire coral)

Refugium inhabitants:
• 4 species of macroalgae, LR w/ green star polyps and blue bubble, candy cane, blue shroom
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