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I have a 100gl acrylic tank with 1 over flow in the left hand corner.
The outlet for the overflow is 3/4" with 1" pvc pipe coming from the 3/4" outlet going to the skimmer side of the of the 50gl bottom tank.
The skimmer i have is a SWC NW-200 skimmer with a PSK-2500 pump hooked up to it
all the piping is 1" through out the tanks
i have a Danner MAG 9.5 pump coming in the mail today for the return
i have 6 t5 HO lights for the 100gl tank, 4 lights are hooked up to there own cord and 2 light are hooked up to there own cord
i was thinking of getting this heater to put in the skimmer part of the sump Catalina Titanium Heater 500 Watt
I am planning on putting fish to start then ease my way into corals
just wanted to get some opinions on my set up to see if anything needs to be changed or added, any input is appreciated.
You can check out some pics of the set up by clicking here
thanks, Mike

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My only advice is to be patient. And let us know what your plans are for further equipment so we can help you out. I would comment on your current, but I don't have a sump so I don't have experience with pumps and overflows.

I also like the idea of a rock wall. It always doesn't necessarily give the fish more swimming room, but if you're planning to have a reef, then it is more attractive because you can then see all of your coral easily.
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