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If anyone is interested...I'm asking 1200.00 USD obo. I'm located in San Diego County, Oceanside.
You can contact me at [email protected]
Here's the specifics:
100g acrylic with 30g sump
2 175w 14k MH with extra 20k bulbs
1 400w 20k MH with extra 14k bulb
1190gph Gen X pump bought Sept '05
125g Won Brothers skimmer
red mangroves and caulerpa
purple monti
green monti
red monti
Green digitata
brown digitata
finger leather
nice pulsing xenia
worm brain
rose brain
blue pimpled red shrooms
green shrooms
hairy shrooms
blue shrooms
turquiose shrooms
green star polyps
crocea clam
flame scallop
pink and black cucumber
skunk cleaner shrimp
few snails and hermits
yellow watchman goby
pink spotted shrimp goby
candy hogfish
male green mandarin
2 green chromis
cinnamon clownfish
goldstripe maroon clown
hippo tang
sailfin tang
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