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10 gallon nano, sandbed help

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ok i have a 10 gallon i'm trying to setup as a nano, what i want to do is add about a 3/4 inch of crushed coral, but it's like the crushed sea shells about the size of a bean. the company that makes it is caribsea, it's called seaflor, it is marked puka shell. it claims to be high in magnesium, and strotonium. so what do you think about 3/4 - 1" then a sugar sized arag. sand? is the puka shell a bad idea?
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What are you putting in the tank?
I am using the same stuff as a substrate in a 1 gal pico reef. However, I am use to using southdown here and I am about to tear down the pico reef and rebuild it into a 3 gal nano reef with southdown. (Basically having a hard time maintaining flow and I guess prefer having the option to have a power filter)

i'm looking at getting mushrooms, and???????
zoos? polyps? small piece of xenia??

What type of lighting do you have on it?
ok for lighting i'll have 4x13 watt cf, 1x18" no atctinic 03,
1x18" no 50/50, for a grand total of 82 watts for the 10 gallon. in case i didn't explain myself clear enough, i'll be adding 3/4 of an inch of puka shell, then i will be covering up the puka shell with 8 pounds of sugar sized sand.
hmm...well, with the LR, and the lighting, I think you would be fine with getting mushrooms, zoo's, button polyps.

As for the sand, I think you will be fine, I would even say go with just a 1/2" layer of puka shell. Then cover that with the sand. Just my humble 2 cents.
I would go with the 1/2inch sand bed too and then put some sand on top of a nano room is very costly and having a deep sand bed isnt worth it in my eyes.....
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