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I have been working on a 3 gal nano tank. The tank is very new, however i have had to tear down my 1 gal nano tank. It was up and running for 4 months at work.


Even though its only inhabitants were a hermit crab and a bumblebee snail, I had to perform a water change almost daily keep the cyano at bay. The tank suffered greatly and I managed to wipe out the one or two xenia fronds, and the one mushroom.
The aptisia and the polyps seem to thrive but both were accidental hitchikers and the polyps seemed stunted but alive.
(I plan on at least weekly water changes. Each change only takes about 10 min at the most using an airline tube and 20 ounce bottles with the saltwater all premixed days in advance)
The little ugf that comes with the tank is not enough filteration for saltwater. Flow was provided by the ugf "funnel" but still not enough. But even a small powerhead would have left no room in the tank.
(The three gallon will have the eclipse powerfiter and I have a 80 gph powerhead the size of a 50 cent piece in the tank. I am using southdown sand and High quality live rock)
Heating and cooling was a factor at work since they turn off the air at work.
(my 3 gal is at home and this will not be a factor.)

My 3 gal nano has been cycling for some time but I have added way too much live rock since I use it with big lights to grow coralline algaes. I have since removed the execess and I am going to search for one 3 pound piece . Charles seems to have a great idea for using one large piece to rapidly tear down and bring back up a tank.


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Man, 1 gallon is a little too small for me. If something tiny goes wrong you are in in the hole.....

I hope you have better luck with the 3 gallon!
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