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Hello all. I am doing some cleaning out of extra equiptment. I will add to this list later. Everything is in good working order with no known problems. Some items are almost new. I live in chicago and preffer pick-up. I will however ship if you want to pay:

For starters: Feel free to make real offers no low balls as I will just keep the stuff for a later use.

1 kalk reactor k1220 from (new stir motor) new $349 for sale $175

1 or 2 line dosing pump new $349 for sale $150 may be 1 model older than current. works great needs new tubes which are bought on like for $15. Have 2 need 1

2x 1inch sea swirl returns. They have no mounting brackets as they were run through a hole on the top of the tank. 1 has been modified to hold a maxi-jet if you like or it can run regular. $180 new. $90 each or $150 for both.

1 Seo 2600 without mounting brackets. Used 1 month $60 takes it

1 kit to modify a maxi-jet 900-1200 in black (made by staker) give 2000gph movement of water $20 for new prop, housing and mount.

1 glass 7 1/2 nano glass bow front modified with fan and 28 watt pc in hood. Make an offer I need to figure out a price. I will let it go for what the pc lights cost. (they are still new ran 2 weeks)

Small breeding set-up 2x 5.5 gallon tanks 1x 2.5 gallong catcher, cart air pumps, battery back-up..ect about $650 worth of stuff. $300

I will add more later. You can pm me or email [email protected]

thanks all
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