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  1. Torches

  2. Led Project

  3. Maximini

    maxi 5 gal garden
  4. Acclimatization

    drip accl
  5. Ecosystem

    Berlin Style Method and EcoSystem Miracle Mud Method.
  6. Colleen's Reef Tank <3

    My reef tank that Ive had for about 2 years now. With current fish.
  7. Fish For Sale

    These guys are for sale, local pick up only, PM me!
  8. New Lights

    big rock of green zoas
  9. Our 1st Aquapod

    Aquapod 4 month old
  10. General classifieds
    Unfortunately I have to sell my pride and joy reef tank, that I have spent a lot of money to establish and put it together. The reason I am looking for a buyer is because I have to move back to chicago soon and will not have room for it. Here is a list of what is included: Livestock: Male and...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    I've been noticing prices of SW fish going up and up over the last 6 months. I asked a couple of LFS owners and they blame trasportation costs from high gas prices. Wondering if you are seeing big jumps in prices? Here in Cincinnati OH, this is what I've been seeing lately among 5+ LFS: sohal...
  12. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    Pretty soon I will have a bunch of zooanthid frags up for trade. I am primarily looking for other zoo frags. I will post pictures as soon as I have them. I have some original Tub's Blue Zoos, some insane Metallic Oranges, various other orange morphs, Cool Carribean Blues, Greenie Weenies, Red...
  13. NFMAS Members only
    I have an old seio m1100 power head that I got from Lageo04 last year...for sale $20 or will trade for a couple sps or zoo frags. PM me if interested.
  14. General Reef Discussion
    What is the best coral out there for a filler? I don't want one that will choke or sting the heck out of other corals though. If there even is a coral out there like this.
  15. nano build off 2008
    Project: build a softy reef (and to get Caball362 into the hobby ) Tank -- 10 gallon tank -- 10 gallon sump/fuge ( still discussing ) -- live rock *marco rock ( unknown ammount at this time will have to see on a rock per rock bases. as some know that is some light rock for the sizes...
1-19 of 241 Results