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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Last week, my wife and I bought our first three corals pictured below. They are in a 29g tank with a Banggai cardinalfish (that was bought the same day) and two clownfish that we've had for a while. No sump, no skimmer, no GFO, Orbit IC LED lights (currently on daylight for eight hours at 30%...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone! I got a zoanthid about 2 weeks ago, and it hasn't opened yet. All my parameters are good so I think there might be something on it. I've heard that freshwater dipping them would work, but I don't know how to. Thanks for your help!
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone. I recently aquired an eagle eye zoanthid and it's not opening. I've had it for about a two weeks. I tried to move it from a higher spot in medium water flow to a lower spot with low water flow, but still no change. My calcium is at 420 and the salinity is 1.025. Thanks for the help!
  4. "Soft" corals
    I have this zoa colony but I forgot what they were called. The outer ring is orange and the "eye" is purple. Sorry if the picture is bad, i took it with my cellphone
  5. "Soft" corals
    i noticed this growth a week ago and it seems to be constricting around it. any help would be great :bawling:
  6. "Soft" corals
    I picked up these zoanthids at the LFS yesterday and no one seemed to know what kind they are. They caught my eye because they have a nice purple hue with an orange ring of tentacles. Hording zoanthids has become my new interest. :) Got any ideas on what they could be?
  7. General Reef Discussion
    I have this odd brownish red round disk thing with a bright green center growing on a rock. Is the polyp or zoanthid?
  8. "Soft" corals
    One of these Zoa's came as a hitchhiker on another Zoa frag some time back and now I have a nice colony of them. So I guess it is time to ID them. The eyes are a tangerine color with a much darker surrounding. On some polyps the dark surrounding has blue patches, but never fully circling the...
  9. Crustaceans
    hey all! New to the site as a poster, but been following for a while. I just put a new zoanthid frag in my nano tank. My emerald, who has been friendly with all the other corals as of yet, wandered over to investigate. He then RIPPED the newly glued frag, carried it off like a football running...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    So I have a colony of Fire and Ice Zoanthids, at least 100 heads. Anyhow, when putting in my new corals today, I noticed that a mysterious LONE Fire and Ice Zoanthid was about a foot away from the colony on an entirely different rock, open, happy and orange and blue. How the EFF did this happen...
  11. "Soft" corals
    Been a while since I made a thread, so lets change that with a legit problem I have. I have been a dabbling in reef tanks for a few years now, and naturally I tried my hand at keeping Zoa's and getting them to grow like wildfire as they are so famous for. But here is my problem... they do the...
  12. Marine Depot
    Video: Zoa and Paly Care, Paly Toxin and Fragging Have you ever walked into a fish store and asked for a Blue Rhino? How about a Latin Lover? PS - Our AMAZING 4th of July sale ends TONIGHT @ midnight!
  13. General Reef Discussion
    So while admiring my tank today and looking for my pom Pom crab, I see two random polyps growing on a rock nowhere near any of my zoas/paly colonies. In a little nook of a rock there they were growing. I look some more and on the other side of the tank, I spot another. I thought these things had...
  14. "Soft" corals
    Hey I bought this what I believe to be a button polyp. In my LFS they had a tub off single head bits. I looked inside and spotted this under blue lights the middle glows yellow and I was amazed so I had to buy it for £3 I think in dollars would be about 2 dollars. I think it Is a button polyp...
  15. "Soft" corals
    I got some beautiful Neon Hot pink zoas but i forgot what they were called. Can anyone ID so I can get more XD. I need a filter for my camera but the pictures do it no justice, its very bright bright neon pink.
  16. Large Systems
    I am the guy on forums that just reads other people's post. As matter of fact I have been using this site probably close to a decade and have never used my account much. But today I have decided to share my thoughts. So, I'll start with my current system. It has been running for about 5 years...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everybody, I am looking for some experienced fraggers out there. I usually try to buy frags already on rocks but just went to Coral Con last weekend and bought some rarer Zoas/Palys on plugs. Of course this week after a few nights my crabs managed to knock some of them loose and the Zoas...
  18. General Reef Discussion
    So, I purchased this colony at the Lfs and looked WAY different there compared to my tank. They had the daylights on as do I and still different. My tests are all perfect calcium at 460 etc. Question is? Why are the zoas with the white dots in the center so ugly now? Are they dying or something...
  19. "Soft" corals
    I am new to coral keeping and got my first zoanthid the other day. I'm not sure what kind it is… If anyone does know that'd be great! Is that feather duster thing part of the coral or just a hitchhiker? There were quite a few attached to rock with the zoanthids. Also, do zoanthids prefer...
  20. General Reef Discussion
    Has anyone had any luck buying coral off of ebay? I just bought a frag of Radioactive green hulk zoas with 10 heads for $8..
1-20 of 121 Results