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  1. Reef Fish
    Hello guys, I am knew to this website but I feel like I would get better information here than my LFS. Right now I have a 29 Gallon reef tank, not many corals but I have a purple fire fish, two clowns(ill be giving them to my friend because they're too big), and a tail spot blenny. I really like...
  2. Reef Fish
    I used to have a Lawn Mower Blenny about 2 years ago. He passed and a couple 3-4 months ago I got a yellow watchman goby. If I buy a new lawn mower blenny, will they get along? Thanks!
  3. 100 Gallon Fts

    60 inch acrylic
  4. Pro

  5. Pests, Hitchhikers, and Diseases
    Hey I happened to notice a big white spot on my yellow watchman goby's side this morning? Can anyone tell me what it is...anything serious? It almost looks like salt creep but on his body? I changed the temp yesterday, with summer here it was creeping up toward 85-ish, I dropped it back...
  6. Reef Fish
    :banana: No questions, no pictures yet, but my little family grew today. Brought home a starry blenny and a yellow watchman. Both have lots of energy and lots of personality. Both were eating within minutes of release. Blenny chose a cave pretty quickly and the Yellow drifted around the primary...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    In my 40 gallon, I currently have a blue damsel, four stripe damsel, and domino damsel, none of which are aggressive. I also have a sergeant major damsel who is about 4 inches, not aggressive, but is active. And a bicolor pseudochromis, who is very territorial and quite aggressive. Is there any...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    In a few months I plan on having fish in my 30 gallon tank, which will eventually house mushroom corals, a green bubble tip anemone, two ocellaris clownfish, a royal gramma, and a few inverts. I also plan on buying a yellow watchman goby and a tiger pistol shrimp, which will hopefully live...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Okay so i did something without thinking. I had ywg and tiger pistol pair. The tiger was over 2 in long and being a pain in the rear. So my lfs suggested i swap him for a candy aka randolls pistol. I did. Havent seen the candy since and the day i pulled the tiger my ywg stopped eating. This all...
  10. Reef Fish
    I just put these guy in my tank yesterday. They loved each other and immediately bonded. They built a tunnel under the rock and the YWG had his head out of the hole for the past 24 hours. I went to go check on them and they are both gone no signs of them anywhere. The opening to the tunnel...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    I have 2 small blue green chromis's, one small yellow watchman goby, about 5 hermits, and one lawnmower blenny... My tank seems kinda empty and I want something nice but hardy. Possibly something that isn't shy, good personality and won't hurt other fish. I have a 30 gallon nano any feedback is...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    I'm thinking about getting a snowflake eel for my 30 gallon nano tank but i wanna know if my tanks big enough and if my fish will be safe. I have a very small yellow watchmen goby, a cleaner shrimp, 5 hermit crabs, and a lawnmower blenny. If i get it super small do you think I''l be ok?
  13. "creative" Venus Transverse

    one of the practice shots of Venus transversing the Sun.
  14. Shane's Reef

    Colt coral
  15. General Reef Discussion
    I Haven't seen these guys in about 4 months. I was super excited to see them in action yesterday. I can't believe how big the pistol shrimp has gotten. The YWG was one of my first fish last January. I got the pistol shrimp about March and he was about an inch long. Now it must be close to...
  16. New Critters10-21-11

    new critters 10-21-11
  17. General Reef Discussion
    So, I got a yellow watchman goby(YWG) back in January as a Xmas present from my brother. I bought a Tiger pistol shrimp and they hit it off instantly. The two started spending a lot of time in the burrow that they excavated under my LR. For about a month things were going well. Eventually I...
  18. General Reef Discussion
    I am currently dosing my tank with B-ionic Calc/Alk and feeding the fish New life spectrum pellets. I am wondering if I should also be feeding some other foods to supplement. So far everything is fairly healthy. I want to make sure that I don't starve the goby or the shrimp (I've had them for...
  19. Reef Fish
    :help: Ok, so I added one of my favorite fish (a yellow watchman goby) a week ago into my nano setup. (29 biocube). The first night he was out in the open checking things out. After that I havnt seen him at all. I have a fish saver cover over the back to block the sump so I know he didnt jump. I...
1-20 of 415 Results