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  1. My Zoas

    Was taking some pics, then this came out!
  2. Pro

  3. Overflow 2

    The sump and overflow for my 40
  4. The Little Reef

    150 extra high coral reef
  5. Bullseye Pistol Shrimp

    bullseye pistol 1 after its first molting in my tank.
  6. Lr Tank

    55 gallon tank with LR
  7. Bta & Cleaner Combo

    rose bta & cleaner shirmp
  8. Biowheels Mini Reef

    This is what's left after 8 weeks
  9. Blastos & Monti's

    75G Reef new Ora German Blue Monti frag 7/26/08
  10. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    I have two chromis for sale and a yellow clownfish, not sure what kind he is. Asking 3 dollars a piece for the chromis and 10 dollars for the clownfish since I paid 25 dollars for him. PM me or leave a message in this thread.
  11. 75g Rr Start Up

    7/20/08 Anthias
  12. Tank Specs
    I will attempt to catch up anyone at TRT who is listening up with my new tank here. I am a newer member so I hope to get to know everyone more. I was given a 31g 48"x 11"x 13.5"tall acrylic tank. It was home made but never used. A family friend found it on the curb.Came with a dual fuge, a...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Well, its been a few years, several designs and even a location change. BUT, the 150 is finally about to see some water:bigeek:. I'm starting a new thread so that all the picture nuts don't have to sift through 20 some odd pages of jabbering by myself and a few others! So here is what I have...
  14. The THINK Tank
    I'm doing an experiment and thought I would see what y'all thought. We know that clown fish cross breed in the wild. It is a rare event, so we have no way of knowing the extent to which this occurs. We don't know what species combinations are capable of producing offspring. There are a...
  15. Reef Fish
    have a green banded goby. found a yellow clown goby at a LFS. will these co-exist in a nano?
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Hello. :wavey: I have a 12 gallon nano cube with a Diadema pseudochromis in it and was wondering if it would get along with a Firefish. If not would it get along with a purple Dottyback.
1-20 of 263 Results