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  1. Pro

  2. Overflow 2

    The sump and overflow for my 40
  3. General Reef Discussion
    In my 20 gallon I have a firefish 2 percula's and I was looking into getting a yellow (clown)goby. As I've researched I've found that they often live in groups from 3-15 individuals. I know my tanks is small, but would it be okay if I added about 3 yellow gobies? I think it should be okay...
  4. Blastos & Monti's

    75G Reef new Ora German Blue Monti frag 7/26/08
  5. Cardinal in Snow covered tree

    A bright red cardinal provides nice contrast to a beautifully all white snow covered tree.
  6. General Reef Discussion
    after days of trying to rescue clark the clarkii clown i thought id make him feel better by getting him a friend. it was hard trying to pick a buddy for him since he killed his last friend, a magenta dottyback i was looking at damsels today and other clarkii clowns. they had these enormous...
  7. TCMAS
    Over the last week my SPS have been looking like crap and until now I had attributed it to a recent cleaning and change of my refuguim. Now, after a little reseach, I've found the real culprit. Last week I bought 3 little yellow clown gobies. I thought they where so cute how they loved to hang...
  8. Nano Build-Off 2007
    I'll be setting up a 3 gallon Eclipse tank. Hardware 3 gallon Eclipse Tank System No additional lighting planned at this point (Eclipse hood comes with a small florecent 6W T5 bulb which I'm hoping will be enough for some growth of algea for nutrient removal) No Stand (will be sitting on my...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Hi Everyone! I LOVE puffers and box fish! However since going reef Ive stayed away thinking they weren't reef safe. However Ive seen pix and have read that some of you have them in your reef tanks. I would love to have a puffer and would love to know how all of you feel about puffers in the reef...
  10. Nano Reefs
    I have been inspired by the nano buildoff to do a nano tank! I already have a 55 gallon reef, but I also have a 37 gallon fowlr that I want to tear down and use the sand and rock for a nano. The plan is to use a blue 5 gallon minibow aquarium that my sister is giving me. I have had small tanks...
  11. Atlanta Reef Club
    I've never been to this store before so i thought i'd ask you guys about it before i make a drive to the place. What are some of the ups and downs of The Avarium, like what do they carry in livestock and how are there prices. Thanks!
  12. SPS Coral Forum
    I bought a yellow and green clown golby on advice from a trusted friend, the reason I didn't buy two of one kind is to avoid spawning inside my SPS. The problem is that the only thing the Yellow Clown Golby seems to eat is SPS pylops, and I mean it goes after them like a bird goes after a worm...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    I have a 110 gal FOWLR Tank now and would like to convert this tank to a reef. I've been researching the lighting requirments, and would like to have 2 - MH and VFO lights. Is it better to buy MH ballst that supports 250, but only run a 175? The light fixutes that sit on the tank edge...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Flashhardy needed some help getting some pics up. let the picture show continue.
  15. Atlanta Reef Club
    Today at Petland i was asking about this fish, they said it was eating, looked good, and is reef safe, is this true? If he is not reef safe i'm returning him tomarrow.
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Can you put 2 Sixline Wrasse, Thougher in one tank? Thanks CLH
  17. TCMAS
    I need suggestions on a couple of fish for my 55 gallon tank. Will be moving to a 75 in the near future. i have in the right now. 1. hippo tang 2. royal gamma 3. lmb thanks brett
  18. TCMAS
    Well, since the downfall of my 75, I picked up a Nano Cube from Jerry. I up graded the powerhead to a rio 600 and placed in some established sand and a few rocks. Hopefully I will be able to start to slowly and add items to my tank. I will post pics tonight. :) I am wanting to make this tank to...
  19. PNSMAS archives (hidden)
    I sold my 300gal system and have livestock and some misc. hardware to sell. Here's the list: SOLD: show rock: this is a large piece of live rock (maybe 12" by 15" - hard to measure under water) with an attached green hydnophora, tan/purple monti cap, crocea clam, xenia, and a xanthopleura...
1-20 of 32 Results