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  1. Marine Depot
    $50 off Radion Lights + IG Giveaway + NEW Gear for August! EcoTech Marine's Sizzlin Summer Sale is BACK for 2018!
  2. Marine Depot
    Radion G3: Up to $150 off! Radion G3 LED lights are 20% off while supplies last!
  3. Lighting
    After 2 years of speculation, i recently purchased 3 radion xr30w pros gen 3 from brs. They didn't come with the big battery packs (ballasts) i see everyone has, but came with 3 small adapters, like the ones on the xr15w. Is that normal?? Did they recently upgrade their products or was it a...
  4. Lighting
    Hello hello, Over the course of my short journey into the saltwater world, I find myself always wanting to buy new toys for the tank. I'm selling stuff around the house left, right and centre just to warrant the excuse of buying new things. The wife can't believe I am even considering buying a...
  5. Lighting
    The mammal in the house enjoys my new G2 Radion I just bought today. Soo excited ! photo by msi_communications, on Flickr Tomorrow I will post pictures and a how to (if anyones interested) on my mount that I made for the Radion. I could not hang it from my ceiling.. I looked forever for an...
1-5 of 5 Results