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  1. General Reef Discussion
    So , Guys what do We need to succesfully grow all kinds of Corals and keep them coloured ? Note: I Know this isn´t a Direct Question , so post whatever you need . Do we need Just a Good Par ? Or We need Lots of Lux ? My Tank Specs : 45cm X 45cm X 65cm So What do we need exactly ? :blob:
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hi, Wanted to pass this off to others, and ask for advice. Seems my Xenias are growing at a rate that will soon take over the 60 gallon. I'm wondering what to do besides rearrange the rocks? If I broke the rocks into different piles so that they were separated with space in between them, do...
  3. "Soft" corals
    Hello, Any problem with these corals touching each other? Thanks in advance!
  4. Reef Fish
    I added a one spot fox face yesterday and today my xenia is wilted and my leathers polyps never opened. Do I feed more remove the corals or the fish? I have other corals but the other are mostly lps not softies as I've read softies are there favorites. He is eating algae seaweed sheets and...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    We purchased a Xenia frag a few weeks ago. At first it was doing very well, it was pulsing within an hour of placing in the tank. This week we noticed that the four stalks were drooping and one stalk was breaking off. The color is still very good, however this morning, one stalk is missing I...
  6. "Soft" corals
    hi, i have a 25 gallon tank with 2 koralia power heads, red sea skimmer, carbon media, sponge and some star media in the filter also, the lighting is 1x 15" reef sun, 1x 18" 50/50 and 1x 18" actinic. I have a yellow toadstool and a green carpet xenia both of which were doing great, lovely colors...
  7. Xenias 3

  8. "Soft" corals
    i have just recently bought a small rock clipped off with xenias,the pulsing ones i believe. they havent been seen recently pusling in the store but in my tank they wont open up fully and look dryed up purple tannish and the hands on them are barely moving. once again i just got it so im not...
  9. Xenias

  10. General Reef Discussion
    my skimmer fills up with clear water after a couple of hrs. What can i do to fix it? i just set up the tank today.
  11. Tank Specs
    45 gallon reef tank(48l x 15w x 16h) 18 gallon high sump with berlin sock hob overflow 700gph 48" coralife 260watt powercompact(2-10,000k & 2-03 actinic) 1-maxijet powerhead dolphin 560 return pump 2-ebojager heaters euroreef es5-2 skimmer 1.5"-2.0" sand bed 100lbs fiji liverock alot of softies...
1-11 of 11 Results