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white polyps
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    I feed pretty heavily alternating frozen food and flakes every other day. Do I have to feed my new gorgonians directly? They are the red and yellow variety with white polyps. They have only been in the tank a few days but the polyps on the yellow are just barely starting to expand and the red...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    I was browsing the one LFS with any selection Bla Bla Bla Bla. I see a cute piece of mushroom rock with a little handle on it. The guy tells me it is an old dead SP coral. I purchased the rock because I liked the shrooms. In 18 hours in my tank the dead coral swells up and extends a few...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Hi folks... I added a yellow gorgonian to my 40g a couple weeks ago and it seems to be having problems extending its polyps. After the first week, green algae started growing on it, covering the calyces and preventing the polyps from coming out. So I cleaned the algea off of it by hand (under...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    Hi everyone I just put 2 gorgonians in my reef and I am woundering if the lfs ID is correct they said they were the photo type but had no name so I am concerned that I have them in the right place on the reef. #1 Is purple not fussy has more of a thin branch look white polyps. #2 Is cream in...
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    Sorry to post 3 wildly unrelated questions but... 1) I recently purchased a nice mushroom rock from a private party. He had the same size tank (29 gallons), same lighting (2 x 55W PC's, 1 blue, 1 6700k), and roughly the same placement in the tank. In his tank they were very bright green and...
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    OK I'm sittin here lookin at the tank under the actinics only(VHO) Any suggestions on some corals that flouresce under actinic??? Gotta be softies or easy to propagate LPS ------------------ Reef as if your life depended on it, yours might but the sea's does Doug moderator TheReefTank
81-86 of 86 Results