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  1. Skimmers & other filtration
    Just have a general question about my wet dry. I have a home made wet/dry. I say home made, but its actually an old refugium turned into a wet/dry. I have noticed i have almost an 8th of an inch maybe a little more of dirt, or fish poop or something, along with about a thousand little white...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hey I have a reef octo BH 1000 HOB skimmer and it's been working perfectly for two months now all of a sudden for the past two weeks its been pulling pretty much all water from my tank and no matter what cup height I have it set at it still does the same thing anyone have any ideas why it's...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I want to upgrade my filtration to a wet/dry system. I'm researching and every filter claims to be "the best" or "perfect". I'm just wondering which to buy for a 55 gallon tank that wont cost me an arm and a leg (no more than $250). Tank is not drilled so i will buy the hang on pre-filter box...
1-3 of 3 Results