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    Hello All Im new to this great hobbie I have a 57 gallon edge reef tank and i would like to know how much water do i have to change when Im ready to start my water changes thanks.
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    hi guys im new to this .... really enjoying learning ... do i use ready mixed ro for my top up water change or just plain ro water (no salt in) probably sound a right plonka lol :help:
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    Ok let me start off by saying we are not going to talk about weather or not using the vodka method is a good idea. Or weather or not I should use it... I am not trying to be a jerk, I just hate it when it turns into a big debate and we get off task. :D With that said.. Ok when using vodka do I...
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    Ok guys so my 55 is cycled pretty solid and I'm getting ready to start getting some corals... misc LPS TBD.. 1st things first I was looking into getting a prebuilt cleanup crew from, Was going to go with the 40g 'kit' since I already have 3 turbo's and 1 peppermint. Sound...
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    O.K so I have setup a new tank which is about 2 months old now, I have many snails, coral, fish, HOB refuge with Caeto and LR and Chemi Pure, I have a 5 inch Deep Sand Bed and about 60lbs of live rock, this is a 50 gallon tank. I have watched many videos from New York Steelo on You Tube and he...
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    Hi all, I can never seem to keep my nitrAtes in check, often measuring 50+ PPM :eek: I have an Oceanic Half Circle, 76 gallon w/ overflow box, sump (w/ rubble rock), skimmer, pump, UV Sterilizer by Aqua, 2 power heads by Koralia. Unsure of the name brand/specs of the skimmer and pump although I...
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    So how often would i have to change my water if i had a 100-120g tank? I just wana get a estimate on how much this is all going to cost me for the future. I plan on doing a 100-120 gallon with sump, skimmer,and refugium.:help:
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    So if my water test r good ( 0 nitrates, nitites, amonia, and my ph is 8.0) do i still need to change my water ? I was doing 4 gallons a week on my 20L.
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    Why do u need to let the water SW sit for 24 hours before using for a water change besides temperature and disolving which takes 30-45 minutes. :help:
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    Woah is this a hitch hiker or what? When we did a water change on the top of the water we siphoned out there were these little squirmy little mosquito larvae-like things. There were also clear carcasses of them that were about a 1/4 of an inch long and looked like shrimp. WHAT IN THE WORLD???
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    Like the title says I have 2 quick questions 1. Should I do weekly water changes while tank is cycling? 2. Do you put a pump in Ato ro/di water to keep it moving until you use it? Thanks for any help.
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    I have been told that I really need to do water changes. With a 300 gallon tank with 75g sump, we really just replace the water as it evaporates. Is this all right? Or what is the minimum amount I should change?
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    hey! so, im tired of the way my water is looking, maybe its just me (everyone says its nice) but ive seen wayy better, and they say the more frequent the water change is the better the carity is, its a TAD bit murky and i hate it because last week it was nice and clear. i have a 38 gallon 'in...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Experts, I'm new to saltwater activity and have a quick question for you guys. My nitrate level came really high and the PetStore associate suggested changing 40% of water atleast 4times in the next 2weeks. Problem is..... I have my Live Rock setup upto 90% of aquarium's height. If the Live rock...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    Ok so ive had a 8g bio bfore and 75g reef tank, but this is much more important to me. I plan on keeping multiple frags i this tank. Is a monthly water change adequate, with just frags how much nitrate will actually build up.
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    So how long will saltwater last once you make a batch? Do I need to keep it moving after its mixed? Or would I be able to make up a batch and just let it sit for a month?
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    if you could afford it would you do one every week?
  18. General Reef Discussion
    I bought some of this "Red Sea" Red Sea Salt to start mixing up my who saltwater for WC's and the only thing I can find on here is how much to add by lbs. per gallon instead of like cups or scoops, can anybody help me and tell me how much I should add maybe in cups per gallon? I dont have a...
  19. General Reef Discussion
    Hi, I am new to saltwater. I have a one month old 30 gallon tank that I want to be a reef tank. The aquarium shop sold me 30# of Seaflor aragonite reef sand for the substrate. I have heard mixed answers about how I should do water changes with this substrate. Should I siphon the substrate...
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    My Nitrates are about 10-15, and I did about a 8 gallon water change yesterday. I still have about 10 gal of saltwater mixed up (a week old). Can I do another 10gal water change today? Will that help lower my Nitrates? Thanks
41-60 of 89 Results