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  1. Reef Fish
    Help! I got a new watchman goby on Sunday, and everything looked great! He is a smaller fish in comparison to the rest of my tank, but seemed to settle in nicely. He has been eating fine, and took up residency in the front corner of the tank. Today when I checked on him, he was covered in...
  2. Reef Fish
    One of my tanks is a small (29 g) bio cube. In it I had only a purple filefish and a yellow watchman goby. Two days ago I added a tiger pistol shrimp and a starry blenny (I had ordered a LM blend from live aquaria but received a starry instead). So once I finally drip acclimated and got them...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    So two new things. I finally got the watchman to come out and he is gorgeous lol, and I reaquascaped again. The old one was wobbly and eh. I'm trying a simplistic design now tell me your thoughts. And also the watchman hasn't been eating, or at least I haven't seen him eat he's so sneaky. And...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    So I'm like really really baffled by this. I bought a blue spotted watchman goby on Friday and within the same day he just like. Disapeared. I put him in the tank and I come back to it to feed him and he's like gone. Seriously no sign of him. I've read that these guys like to hide but he's been...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    My clown and goby do this sort of thing all the time in the video below. They never hurt each other. The clown always opens its mouth on the goby when they get close and she pushes the goby sometimes, but the goby doesn't mind it. It's so weird. One time the goby perched on the clown and they...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Soo I've had a pinkbar watchman goby and a tiger pistol shrimp for about two weeks now. I bought them both from my LFS the same day and they paired during the first night. Everythings fine except for the last two nights I noticed my pistol shrimp seals his burrow in the morning with my watchman...
  7. 300 Gallon Reef

    Panoramic shot of my reef 12/1/13
  8. 100 Gallon Fts

    60 inch acrylic
  9. Pro

  10. Nano Reefs
    so, i added a pistol shrimp and a watchman goby in my 10g tank today, but since the shrimp is digging for the cave, and whenever the goby come near, he tried to drag the goby down the cave with him, is that ok or i need to do something??:help::help::help:
  11. New Set Up

    quick fix ran out of room so it all got poured into the 80 first half
  12. Reef Fish
    Hello everyone, Yesterday I purchased what I believe to be a blue spotted watchman goby ( lfs didn't have an Id on him) I will get a picture of him up once he comes out of his cave. My question is what pistol shrimp species would most successfully pair with him. The lfs I go to more often has...
  13. Skimmer Is Here!

    Unopened package
  14. Reef Fish
    I would like to put a pistol shrimp and watchman goby in my 16 gallon nano tank, would this be possible? I currently have two clowns, a six tail wrasse and a cleaner shrimp. My salinity is 1.025 and nitrites and amonia is 0 while nitrate is 10. Is a good or bad idea, all opinions are greatly...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    hey everyone, I have a yellow watchman goby that i have had for about 9 months and he has over the past three days aquired a small white spot right infront of his first dorsal fin. I cant take a picture but it looks like water humidity on glass just dusted white... any ideas?
  16. "creative" Venus Transverse

    one of the practice shots of Venus transversing the Sun.
  17. Reef Fish
    Just replaced my Diamond Watchman Goby on Tuesday and he immediately dissapeared and I have not seen him since and now it is Thursday. I did a little cleaning yesterday and picked up as many rocks I could to see if I could find him but I have so many rocks that I could not move a couple without...
1-20 of 500 Results