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    Hello! Looking for a 29 gallon biocube or something similar. I'm a college student so hopefully it isn't too expensive. I dont need any livestock because I will buy that at my lfs. Im located in central Michigan Please let me know what you have Thank you very much for your time! Dan
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    anyone have some coralline algae willing to be sent to me? I need coralline algae asap!
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    I am looking for coral frags, inverts such as sexy shrimp, cleaners, I am mainly looking for coral frags for my 20g nano reef tank, I am asking for help because my LFS has a poor selection and poor holding tanks. the only thing Currently have is a brown polyp bunch. I'm asking if you will...
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    WTB Mag 3 pump to replace the MJ1200 on my AquaC Urchin. In San Diego, CA Will pay shipping post here, PM, or call/text 619-851-2608 If you call, expect to leave a voice mail and I'll call you back. Thanks! -Scott
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    I want a 30inch or 24inch 2x24 watt bulb fixture. If anyone has one please pm me