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    Win a VorTech! + Get Organized: 10% off Controller Boards The Eighth Day of Fishmas
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    ? Cyber Monday Alert ? Popular items are selling out - DON'T MISS OUT! ? Cyber Monday Alert ? Popular items are selling out - DON'T MISS OUT! Unlock shopping incentives when you spend $300+ ALSO: Check out Marine Depot's EXCLUSIVE Doorbuster Bundles »
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    OH MY! 10% off Radion XR15w | 10% off VorTech MP40wQD EcoTech Marine deals were just unlocked for Black Friday!
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    Join us TOMORROW for our live Q&A with Jay of EcoTech Marine! Learn how to optimize lighting and flow to grow healthier corals! >> REGISTER HERE
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  6. Member Classifieds
    I am looking to buy a Vortech MP40, if anyone has one they are looking to sell please let me know and we can work out a price. Thanks!
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Hello, I'm new to the forum and apologize if this question has been addressed a lot already. I have Ecotech Vortech pumps and would like to get the Reeflink controller so that I can program different pump modes to come on at various times during the day. For instance, usng Reefcrest early and...
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    The Year in Review Here are 40 of our most popular products in 2015. How many are you using?
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    All I want for Fishmas #5: EcoTech Marine VorTech, Maxspect Gyre and Neptune Systems WAV Welcome to the 5th episode of Marine Depot's All I want for Fishmas video series! Today we take a closer look at 3 'smart pumps' that offer unprecedented flow and control capabilities. > Shop Smart Pumps...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Its time for my own 'rebuild' thread so I stop asking all my questions on others build thread :) First some background, brewery mentioned in the title is the bar in my man cave. With that being said, I designed my bar around the fish tank. I have 12 beers on tap (all of which I made) underneath...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone has used mp10s on a 93 gallon cube, or in general with a tank whose glass thickness is 10mm. On vortechs website it says the max thickness for glass is 9.5 . I am just wondering if anyone has them on 10mm thickness and if they notice any types of issue.
  12. Member Classifieds
    I have for sale two Ecotech Radion Gen 3 XR30's, a Reef Link, a Vortech MP40W, and two tank mounts for the Radion's. I paid $1,900 for the entire setup and would be willing to part with it for $1,400 or a reasonable offer. Contact me for any pics, but everything is in perfect working order in...
  13. Marine Depot
    We are going to let YOU decide which prize you would like to win in our new giveaway: the EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10QD or the Maxspect Gyre XF130? VOTE NOW:
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    Marine Depot Featured Tank Matt's Fully Loaded 300 Gallon Mixed Reef Aquarium The owner of this beautiful aquarium is a self-proclaimed fish collector named Matt from Manhattan Beach, CA. We were lucky enough to visit Matt's home and film his vast collection of fish and see how he keeps the...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    So there was this stork flying outside my window... Saw that it was carrying a package and immediately pulled out my rifle and blew his head off... So now I'm left with this package.. I wonder what's inside?
  16. Member Classifieds
    I have 2 Vortech MP60s that are brand new. I paid $675 each. They are currently on sale at BRS for $506 I ran each powerhead for about 48 hrs in my tank with only freshwater. I ended up not needing them for my setup. My loss is your gain. These are the best powerheads in the business...
  17. Reefing Equipment
    I have 2 tanks. A 75 gallon reef tank that I've had for a long time and a 93 cube that I just got. The 93 cube has a Vortech MP40 ES wireless. My question is if I get 2 MP10 wireless pumps for my 75 gallon, can I integrate them with the existing wireless system? Second question: Will 2...
  18. Member Classifieds
    for sale is my mp10w with EcoSmart driver. Selling because I am moving from my 40b setup to a 120 gallon. Purchased an mp40wQD to use on that one. Regularly cleaned, comes in original box with unused filter. Asking $150 shipped within ConUs.
1-18 of 108 Results