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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Which VHO T-12s? EDIT.....T-12s not available, now what?!?! Hey guys, started a thread a week or 2 ago about getting my 175 gallon back on track. Have decided to keep my current lighting setup for now. Have done well with this setup for the past 10 years growing soft corals and some LPS...
  2. Lighting
    So I bought a 100 Gallon Tank to install in my basement wall, and it came with an Older Hamilton Technology Ballast, light, and Case of Bulbs and spot for a Meta Halide (no bulb). So I thought, what the heck, might as well use it while I have it right? Right now I'm using just the Actinic and...
  3. Tank Specs
    I have a 49g bow fron with 3 t5 VHO'ed at 90-95 watts depending on bulb health. 60-80lbs LR 20 lbs of crushed agronite Undergravel filter with 3 plenums 1 pseudochromis 10-15 red/blue hermits with large and small shells 1 oc clown fish 1 yellow tailed hippo tang HOB filter, marine land 350...
  4. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    I have (2) complete Ice Capp 660 Units for sale. The units include end caps, stand- offs and six 70 inch bulbs. Bulbs are less than two months old.
  5. Clams
    greetings from snowy Connecticut! stuck inside today, was supposed to go pick up some new SPS frags from my LFS, thanks old man winter. Considering adding a Tridacna Maxima, one of the aquacultured varieties, to my 20g nano, not sure if the lighting is sufficient as I have heard anecdotal tales...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    What is the best place to go to see a variety of light fixtures to narrow down the model and brand of my light fixture? There is no identifing labels. Its a 48" white fixture (nice craftsmanship) that houses 2x175w mougle MH and 2xt12 VHO's. Ballasts are 2 big heavy black boxes with a toggle...
  7. DIY Forum
    Went to Lowes, Wal-mart, and home depot and no one had any T5 endcaps. I have an Icecap 660 ballast and had been running just two bulbs. So I decided to upgrade and run 4 bulbs. So this is what I did and it worked well. I took the ends of the wires and twisted them carefully onto the ends of the...
  8. General classifieds
    I have these two electronic ballasts for sale, plus an ICeCap 660- VHO that works fine, I just don't have a wiring harness for it. Anyone interested - I live in Longmont, CO.
  9. General Reef Discussion
    as of now, i only have live sand, live rock and about 8 snails and 8 hermit crabs. im planning on having about 4-6 fish, some other cleaners such as shrimps, emerald crabs etc. and a variety of anemones and soft and hard corals. the lights that im running now are standard aquarium lights. one...
  10. General Reef Discussion
    I'm looking at 2 different 60" lights Both have 2 175w halides One with 4 60" T5 HO lamps for a total of 320w flourescents and high polish reflectors $800-900 The other has 2 140 T12 VHO totalling 280w flourescents this unit has a bright white reflector and the bulbs are cheaper to replace...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    For our first discussion lets talk about lighting. what types of lighting are available? what are the advantages/cons of each? what are the power to PAR ratios for each? G~
  12. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    Does anyone need some 36" VHO tubes? I have daylight 50/50 and actinic. These bulbs are brand new, but I no longer use 36" bulbs. I will sell them for $5 or less per bulb or trade for corals.
  13. Tank Specs
    this is my tank equipment 55 gallon tank hang on back sea clone 100 (about to be replaced) aqueon hang on back with only carbon and cheato with a light over it aka getto hang on back refugium 4x 110 watt vho's soon getting a metal halide retrofit to add with them inhabitants 2x false percs...
  14. La Crosse Area Reef Keepers (LARK)
    Going through the collected "needed" stuff that I never used.... Megaflow #3 $50 Brand new, but has fixable crack if need be, water doesn't go to the crack's height. Has bioballs, filters etc. Calcium Reactor $200 Brian...
  15. Lighting
    I have been doing some thinking lately about the lighting on my tank. it's a 6 bulb vho configuration 3 actinic 3 white but i'm trying to figure out what kind i want to use. Initially i was going to do x2 454 & x1 super actinic for the blue catagory and x3 actinic white for the whites but now...
  16. General classifieds
    I have been a member for some time and have sold some other items, over the years if you are seriously interested I can email you some images and I have a paypal account as well. If you do not pick up , shipping can be arrainged. Thanks, Mike [email protected] 2-Hamilton Tech 5500k Metal...
  17. Lighting
    I am running x6 48'' VHO bulbs on my 100 gallon 60x18x20 can i grow hard corals??
  18. Lighting
    Could I run a x6 48" bulb configuration with 2 ice cap 430 ballast running 3 bulbs each? I was told that it is not good to run 3 bulbs on a ballast that it was better to run 2 or 4 but the ballast itself says that it can run up to 12 feet of total bulb?
  19. General Reef Discussion
    Lights are the item that along with a protein skimmer we are generally told not to skimp on. For most of us it is one of the bigger ticket items we have for our tanks. How do We measure light? Watts, Lux, PAR, Kelvin What makes one light fixture better than another? WHat are everyone's...
1-19 of 35 Results