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vho lighting
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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone! I am not only new to this wonderful community (you're all so enthused about what you do!), but also to SW in general. Long story short, I inherited a 55g tank about 6 months ago and set it up and have run it successfully for about as long. I'm looking to upgrade to a 90g...
  2. General classifieds
    I am cleaning out the garage and have some cast acrylic tubing that I would like to get rid of. All tubing is 0.125 thick wall. Here is what I have: 1- 12" inch dia 24" long 1- 12" inch dia 18" long (this was a 24" long that was broken in shipping) 1- 10" inch dia 13" long 2- 10" inch dia 12"...
  3. General classifieds
    getting rid of this because my wife is having our second child soon and would like the extra cash so we cand get the last few things we need for her. everything you need to get started...vho lighting,29g sump,skimmer,stand,canopy,corner covers,and all pumps. tank is drilled for closed loop and...
  4. Rochester Minnesota Marine Aquarium Club (RMMAC)
    Help!!! Moving in less than a week. Must have livestock gone by no later than June 25. Can't find anybody to buy or take stuff. I have the following: purple tipped sebae, coral banded shrimp, nassarius snails, 2 nugget zoanthids, 2 bangai cardinals, pacific sailfin tang, 60+ pounds of live...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    One more option. If I got a 75G tank and stand. I can use a wetdry (new bioballs) that I have in the garage. I can buy the NO light for $80. If I found a skimmer for $300 I can set this up. What do I need for the fish? I will not have LR so I need some structure for them. Ideas? This...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    OK latest brain storm. 30G Oceanic Cube / Stand - $300 Deltec MCE600 Skimmer - $500 Current USA 250W MH - $300 2-3 maxijets (OWN) Litremeter for ATO (OWN) 100W heater (OWN) Salifert test kits (OWN) B-Ionic (OWN) 1 bag of Natures Ocean sand 20-30 lbs of LR What do ya think? Missing anything
  7. General Reef Discussion
    What kinda timer should i get and if you have one what kind is is and how did you set it ?
  8. General Reef Discussion
    In my 55 gallon fish only i have this hard green algae growing on my back glass and corners. I tried scraping it with the kent pro scraper metal blade and i got most of it but its so hard to get off. The whole back wall is covered in it. What the heck is this stuff? I scraped what i can and went...
  9. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    Well while doing a large water change I took the chance to redo some rock work and I had to take out my Monti cap to do it so I took a pic so you could get a true idea of the size of this monster. Also a pic. of a frag I'm sure you would a like:rotflmao:.
  10. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    2/13/07 under PC lighting 1/03/08 under VHO lighting In the beginning (55g) 2/27/06 Pc's Now 1/03/07 (90g) VHO's
  11. General classifieds
    i am looking to down size my 90g because i am moving and the tank is to big for the room i want it in so if you would like to trade let me know what you have for a trade comes with: tank,stand,canopy,29g sump,vho lighting,skimmer,corner cover,and all needed pumps tank is drilled with 2...
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Hi Everyone! I went to a new lfs with a friend sat and while I was there I bought a cpl of things. I bought a little red scooter blenny a coco worm(lavender and yellow) and a little pick leather coral. There reason I bought the coral is because it was such a pretty pink. The saleslady know the...
  13. General classifieds
    EVERYthing is for sale. If you want the entire rock the frag is on or the entire coral itself, let me know, I'll try to price it for you. Everything must go, more pics to come. The equipment will be posted later, but consists a 41" beckett, (with room for a second beckett), a 72" 3xMH and...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone, Im just begining to start my newest adventure of creating a reef tank but i dont know where to begin... i am currently debating between a brand new 28gal Nano cube HQI or starting with a 50gal + used tank.... i am very handy so i can build alot of the stuff i need but really...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    I know how much TRT loves pics!!! :funny::funny: Here is a few pics of the tank. It needs a little work but been so busy this semester with school it is crazy!:doh:
  16. General Reef Discussion
    Hi guys... I have read a lot from members of the forum that say their nitrates levels are at zero??? :eek::confused:Mine have never been at zero, I have learned that high Nitrates are not the worst things in a tank, But I would like to know How is this possible?? On another subject....I have...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    How do I know if i have isopods? I started a thread earlier about little bugs in my sand bed. someone said it could be isopods. How can i know for sure what they are? I chked out old threads on isopods and saw a picture that kinda looks similar to what i have:bawling:
  18. General Reef Discussion
    I've posted a couple of threads in the past about my open brain and favia losing color. The open brain has some streaks of neon green but none of the brown that it had when I first got it. The favia has gone completely white except for a few bits of neon green on the bottom where it is shaded...
  19. General Reef Discussion
    My rocks, sand, and glass have all been pristine (since the cycle finally completed) for 6 months and now all of a sudden I am getting lots of algae and diatoms and possibly cyano (I see lots of bubbles). I am using RO/DI water and the TDS meter shows it at 0 TDS. My water tests have been...
  20. General Reef Discussion
    Is this a lighting issue? Before and after pictures. The before is when I first put it in the tank (about 1 week ago), and the after is a picture I just snapped today.
1-20 of 381 Results