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vho ballast
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  1. Atlanta Reef Club
    I did a full conversion to LED, and am comfortable enough now to sell off my old lighting set ups. 1. Icecap 400w Metal Halide Ballast, single output, silver case. Been in use for 3-4 years. Mogul socket, Radium 20K Bulb new in Dec, used until Feb. No flicker, solid and stable. $160 for...
  2. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    I have an EVC electronic VHO ballast with harnass for sale $65, works great just went to LED's.
  3. General classifieds
    Please click on TRT link below for items- Thanks
  4. NIMAS(Northern Indiana Marine Aquarium Society)
    What did Santa bring you for Christmas?
  5. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    $490.00 210 Gallon All-Glass Reef Ready Aquarium still wrapped on shipping crate Brand New, includes (2) megaflow kits. Retail at stores over $900 $90.00 Bioreef 100gpd RO unit Brand New ( Bioreef sold to me at 149.00) $150.00 Coralife 100gpd RO 3-stage with attached Pump Brand New never...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    My plans on my 44 gallon tank is to be-able to put most anything type of coral in my tank that i want (well in the long run). At first i want to run 2 75w VHOs ( one 10k one Actinic ) and 1x 150w 14k MH ( 300Watts total). But i came across a deal local pet store for a other VHO ballasts that...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    I ve only had my Hamilton fixture up and running for about 3 months and one of my 250 halide bulbs blew out already with no warning at all.:bawling: its an HQI type. 3 months seems a bit early for a bulb to go. the halides are only on for about 6 hrs a day. Do ya think hamilton will send me a...
  8. General Reef Discussion!_Bulbs_by_IceCap Ok i am looking at this T5 retro kit...... It has an icecap 660 ballast and well the IceCap 660 ballast has the same output power as my current PFO 4 bulb VHO ballast. So is it possible for me...
  9. DIY Forum
    I posted this on another forum, but think it could be usfull here. I have posted the pics on this site with my tank build, sorry for the duplicate. I would also like to mention that I did not mention grounding wires. One should run a ground from the wall socket to the box, ballast and the light...
  10. General classifieds
    Yes, i have some stuff for sale. prices are negotiable on everything. reef and non reef related. Aqua c urchin with maxijet 1200 pump $100 2 X Dual 110w VHO Ballast, endcaps, and cords. cords are custom on 1 and standard on the other. asking $70 PM Bullet 3 with Iwaki 70rlt... Make offer...
  11. Margaritaville
    Good Morning Stooges!:wavey: This week has been crazy so far! I hope it slows down but I am not really counting on it.
  12. Margaritaville
    Good morning. It's early. I should probably be asleep.
  13. General Reef Discussion
    OK I know some of you thought it was sacrilege that I tore my 450-gallon system down. Numerous issues compiled and aided in the decision. First off was the system itself. I think anyone who builds their first dream system will tell you that a lot more thought went into building it than...
  14. General classifieds
    Unfortunately Murphy has caught up to me so: I have a 370 gallon, 96"X30"X30" Envision acrylic tank. It is built with 3/4" all the way around with a built in side-mounted overflow. The left side and back are black. The original cost of this tank was $3200 and was set up for about a year. The...
  15. Classifieds - TCMAS Members Only
    Okay, As most of you know I am taking my 125 R/R tank down. Last weekend a number of corals & fishies found nice new homes however, I still need to find nice new homes for a bunch more great looking corals & a few more fishies. As well as the tank, Stand & canopy, sump etc. So I just wanted to...
  16. Margaritaville
    :wavey:GOOD MORNING Stooges!:Wavey:
1-20 of 282 Results