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  1. Substrate Free Tank Husbandry (Bare bottomed)
    My issue is as follows: Most of my SPSs are very lightly colored (popular!), BUT, I have to clean my glass from diatoms every couple/few days, and recently, it has gotten so bad that diatoms are now growing on my very faded monti. caps. So: what is wrong? If I had dark corals, I'd know too...
  2. SPS Coral Forum
    So I've been running my 10k Ushios (250w HQI DE on Reef Optix III reflectors) for about 10 months now, and I am about to purchase a second unit for the other 1/2 of my tank (only had MH over the side of the tank w/ SPS, but I am now going 100% sps). I also run 2x 110w 48" URI VHO actinics. With...
  3. TCMAS
    I promise this will be my last for sale thread if I can get these moved :D . I have (3) URI vho actinics, (2) URI vho actinic whites and a URI Aqua Sun bulbs I am looking to sell. All bulbs are 46.5" (2) Actinics and (2) Actinic Whites have been used for 1 month at 4 hours a day. The other 2...
  4. PNSMAS archives (hidden)
    Got my MH's up and running. Now I'm debating if I should change the set-up. Wanted to run 20k bulbs but I'm thinking I should do 10k bulbs with more 03 supplements. I know I'm probably going to start World War 3 but I want your OPINIONS on which you would run and how much supplement you would...
  5. TCMAS
    Well had some time tonight. So I charged up the camera. Heres a weed I got from Derek (very nice looking weed BTW) A. Tenius A. Elseyi from hink Tubz A. Cerealis (sp.) A. Kimbeensis (my best guess) from Tracy and Sheryl A. Aculeus (sp.) Came from Troy a while back from GARF
  6. TCMAS
    Has anybody had any personal experiences with this setup? How long will the bulbs last, and have there been any PAR tests? I cannot find any info regarding Dr. Sanjay Joshi and the combo I mentioned. I have fresh bulbs, but I want to try something a little less blue. I may try going half/half...
  7. Atlanta Reef Club
    I have an Aquanetics 1/5 hp inline if you interested. $350
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Just want to post some pics of my 200 gallon that I recently upgraded from my 75, and get your opinions on how it is going. I certainly like all the new space I have, and when I fill this one up, I don't know what I am gonna do, I guess get another;) Well, anyway, here ya go! Thanks...
  9. Diseases,coral /inverts
    I bought this frag (cheap) but it has a bare spot on it that now has algea growing in it. My purple tang does not seem interested in it. Any ideas on how to remove the algea without damaging the coral more? Thanks, Jeff
  10. General Reef Discussion
    My tar ballast started humming several days ago- and now has stopped. It was pushing 2 URI vho actinics 72" and it was pretty warm in the hood- have a total of 4. Have looked into Fulham what's a good price for a Workhorse 7? Yes, I'll have to get 2 of these to power each bulb- one for one...
  11. Lighting Archive
    Ok what kelvin rating looks the best 5k 65k 10k 20k I want anyones opinion I can get,what color do you think makes your tank look the best?? :)
  12. SPS(scleractinians)
    Hey guys, I bought these colonies about a month ago. They were dark brown wild colonies. They were inexpensive so we bought them in hopes that they would color up..... finally some progress:D
  13. Lighting Archive
    What is the difference between a VHO ballast and a regular flourescent ballast? Can any flourescent ballast handle VHO bulbs if the wattage is within its limits? I can not find any information about ballasts out there. :( G~
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Well, now they've done it. Weekly I visit this Local saltwater/reef store who does local maintence and portions of our Public Aquarium here in Seattle. Not sure if they are the same company but I know of a few down in california with the same name "Aquarium Concepts". Anyways, 6 months now...
1-17 of 17 Results