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  1. Nano Reefs
    Hey guys i have these gross red algae circles on the front of my tank and i can't scrape them off without scratching the tank walls... :( So is there any way tog et rid of it? My CUC is just 2 blue legged hermits in a 6 gallon but they can't get on the walls so should i get snails (if so what...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    So I was doing a WC today and moved my Goniopora. When I did this guy fell out from below. I posted about it in my mix 75 thread but did not get a pic. Now for some reason I always get the Uncommon HH's in my DT, but what do you do.. So how about it does anyone know what this may be??? Now...
  3. The THINK Tank
    Well in my 8 gallon biocube i have had this cynao problem....I have tried everything i can think of; hermits, snails, Algaefix.....its really ugly and i would like to get rid of it...anybody have any ideas?:help:
1-3 of 3 Results