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  1. Nano Reefs
    The LFS had it next to (not infront of) a cyphastrea sign. but it doesnt look like cyphastrea to me. Maybe a green digitata monti? not sure... What do you guys think? Thanks
  2. General Reef Discussion
    So when I got my tank 3 or so years ago it was a full setup. It came with almost everything including a skimmer. We were very new to saltwater and didn't think to ask what kind of skimmer it was. It has been very irritating resently because I can't find anything that tells me what kind it is. Do...
  3. Reef Fish
    We have a new fish the LFS said is a wrasse. Can anyone identify what type of wrasse this is? The body is white with light orange or yellow stripes. He buries in the sand with his head out. We have not been able to find a photo of this fish on the web. Thanks for any help you can give us.
  4. Freshwater Discussion
    Can anyone tell me what kind of goldfish my fish is? I've had him for about a year and I've tried to figure out what kind of goldfish he/she is! And can anyone tell me how old he might be? Thanks! :) He's the large orange, white and black fish.
  5. Crustaceans
    I recently purchased a pistol with my yellow watchman. They werent' paired but was hoping they will. The LFS had no idea what type it was - he just referred to it as a 'common pistol'. This of course doesn't give me much to go by. So unfortunately I have no idea what the likelihood is that it...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    I have a 20 gallon tank, with 2 clown fish and 1 PJ cardinal. I'm going to get another cardinal but I also want to get 2 more fish that will get along with what I already have. I also have a rainbow coral and my clown fish are in love with their anemone (as most are I presume). Any suggestions?
  7. Anemones
    Hi, I purchased a new clownfish yesterday but forgot what type it was. Can you help?
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone new to the site just setup a reef tank that was already established for 19 months it was my friends tank a 29 gallon tank with T9 for lighting. I moved the tank and used 65 percent of the old water and bottle water for the rest and now I'm getting green algae blooms all over the...
1-8 of 8 Results