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    After installing Tunze's Nano Osmolator on his Innovative Marine Nuvo, Matt is convinced this ATO would be perfect for anyone with a nano-sized tank! READ: Tunze Nano Osmolator 3152 Product Review MORE MARINE DEPOT NEWS Win a RO/DI Replacement Filter Kit! New Life Spectrum...
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    Custom 20" My Reef Creations (MRC) acrylic cube aquarium - no bracing at the top Black acrylic back panel Custom Stand It was kept as a reef tank, though it is not drilled. So...since it is acrylic, if you want to set up a sump you can drill it wherever you like. There are a few extremely...
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    Please close down this thread. Please close down this thread.
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    I am trying to decide between these two types of protein skimmers. The AquaC is about $17 cheaper, is a HOB type which is good since it will be in my display tank. The Tunze is said to be much quieter which is a big plus because the tank is in my room next to my bed. I would like some...
1-4 of 4 Results