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tuesday morning

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    Good Morning All !! :wavey: Coffee's on Cereal and fresh fruit today . Had pizza last night so there's cold pizza again if anyone wants some. I should have the mezz down completely today. Pulled me back yesterday.At least I did it at the end !! Not as bad as usual but I'm hobbling around to...
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    Good Morning Everyone !!:wavey: Coffee's on French toast today with maple syrup,fruit and melted butter Chilly morning again 46 degrees with lots of rain last night Never got to the wiring job yesterday so gotta get it done this morning and also have to replace a section of fence at a house...
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    Happy Autumn Everyone :wavey: Coffee's on with SOS for breakfast ,rye and white toast,OJ and apple juice Can you believe it ? The first day of Autumn.The chilly temps sure let you know it. Great time of year. Running a little late. It's also great sleeping weather :) Make it a Good One ...
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    Morning TRT !! Coffee and Tea 's on . 2 dozen dough nuts and a crumb cake for breakfast.Help yourselves Moving right along at work.Back was a little soar last night.I'm certain it's the new gloves. I got one's with rubber palms and finger tip's so I can hold the steel better. Problem is it...
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    Morning Everyone!!:wavey: Coffee's on :gmorning:. Sticky Buns and coffee cake are in the white boxes on the table .There's also pound cake and a cinnamon rasin coffee ring . Lots of sugar to get cha going . Back to the warehouse.Gotta be done by months end.Busy month coming . Have a Nice Day...
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    Good Morning All !! Coffee's on . Bagels are today's breakfast . Plain,egg,cinnamon raisin,salt and blueberry. Cream cheese and butter in the fridge. First day of school for my 3 kids. The wife goes back to teaching also. Just set up and workshops for my wife's school since their only 3-5 yrs...
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    :wavey: Good Morning !! Coffee's on with cereal and fresh fruit.:drool: Forgot the Jimmy's pretzels Friday so we can have them today . CC cookies are in the Tupperware container Owners of the building are stopping in the check progress and answer some of my questions about the job. We have...
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    Top of the Morning :banana: Coffee's on and cereal and fruit are today's getcha going goodies Sure was a Hot one yesterday :doh: Today much of the same but rain at some point . Cath the job needs to be done by Oct 1 . If I get it done sooner more money for me and well lets not think about if...
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    Good Morning everyone. I hope you all have a great day. Breakfast is ready, help yourself Hot Coffee is ready too (juice is on the table).
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    Good Morning Everyone !! :blob: Morning Doug - I see ya out there Hot Bocar and Kona coffee are on . Not sure what to eat today. How about cereal today and fruit toppings Diving yesterday was good but the seas were rough . We did get one dive in about 25 miles off shore . The ride back was...
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    Good Morning !!:thumbup: Coffee's on . French toast and pancakes with bacon and sausage. OJ and milk Off to work in the Valley Forge Pa. area today . My son is working with me today. They say we will see the sun all day and hit 80+ degrees.That will be different.:freak: Have a Great Tuesday...
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    Morning Everyone !!:thumbup: Stormy weather last night and expected all day. Coffee's on, bagels are out with cream cheese or toasted with butter ,danish and a dozen DD doughnuts Make it a Good one .:wavey:
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    Good Morning Everyone :wavey: Coffee's on . I'm late today Make it a good one !!:agree:
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    Good Morning TRT !! How is everyone this morning ? It's cool this morning . Coffee's on and I picked up some danish and cream filled,sugar,boston cream and chocolate doughnuts. Have a Great Day everyone :wavey:
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    Good Morning TRT ! It's feeeeezing this morning . What happened . Was I asleep that long :lol: Well coffee's on . How about French toast today . Oj and some apple juice . There's V-8's too ! Have a Great Day ! Can somebody fix Tuesday spelling ? No glasses and I'm freezing . Did I tell you...
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    Good Morning TRT . Somebody get the pots and pans . Coffee's on . I got to sleep till 5:45 today :blob: Back to the shore though . Have to drop the dog(Keri Blue) off for grooming before work Have a Nice Day everyone
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    :fireworks:Time to get moving . Coffee's on More rain Boooo!:fish::fish::fish:
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    Good Morning Everyone ! :wavey: Very cold 18 degrees this morning buuur . What happen :eek: Well I'll tone down the carbs today . :) We have hot Bokar Bean coffee on today .There's cereal today -- Kashi, Cheerios,Tony The Tiger,Fruit Loops and Wheaties . There's whole milk,2% and Skim. I also...
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    Good Morning Everyone ! Back from vacation . Coffee's on Make it a great day !!
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    Good Morning! Looks like rain here today! Coffee is on Have a great Day