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  1. Anemones
    Tube anemone looks pretty sick. We've had it in this location since last Oct, but it just recently stopped opening up during the day. Now it doesn't open at all. Read that we should b feeding every couple days, so 2 nites ago, gave it a sm piece of krill. Also noticed that it had a lg pineapple...
  2. Anemones
    Day 3 of tube anemone from LFS. Looked fine this am, but I just noticed it curled up and had what looks like a spider web around it. Anyone know what's going on w her?
  3. Anemones
    Okay, so I have two anemones in my tank right now. I have the proper lighting, a good filter, and a protein skimmer rated 5X my tank. So I have a Green Bubble Tip anemone and a tube anemone. My first question is feeding. The guy I bought them from said to feed them cut up krill or shrimp...
  4. Anemones
    I have a carpet anemone and a tube anemone in a 55 gallon, I only bought the carpet nem under 2 months ago. I just bought a 220 gallon that is being cycled right now. I know they need established tanks to survive but i'm wondering if there is anyway I can put them both in the 220. I only have a...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    Hi there. I have found a great LFS that often tells me not to buy something because it won't do well in my tank. Result - things are going well. But I have recently got some Aiptasia. I have treated it with Aiptasia Rx, but probably haven't got all of it. I wanted to get a Copperbanded Butterfly...
  6. Anemones
    hey guys im new here so hopefully i am doing this right, my question has to do with my tube anemone i just bought, frankly it was beautiful in the store, but since relocating it to my tank it has yet to come out of its tube, its been almost a week and im assuming this is bad, the tube dosent...
  7. Air Damage From Pump

    air damage from pump after restarting main pump several times when replumbing the drain with a vent.
  8. Tubewideshot

  9. Anemones
    I'm thinking about getting a tube anemone. Does anyone have experience with them? Any advise... Thanks
  10. General Reef Discussion
    Hi. I know that most anemones if they die release toxin in a tank. Do tube anemones do this to or not?
  11. General Reef Discussion
    I'm not sure if these are aiptasias or tube anemones??? They are thin, about an inch long, have tentacles like aiptasias but these also have mini fluorescent green tentacles in the center. They are covering a big portion of my rock. Does anyone have any idea what they are? Thanks :) -David
  12. Anemones
    I was looking through the Salt water section of a local chain store and saw some beautiful tube anemones. Such bight colors! I didn't act on impulse, but now I'm really intrested in having one. I've been trying to research them and keep finding contrasting stories. Can anyone tell me if they...
  13. Anemones
    my Tube Anemone came out of his side. Will he ever right himself? Will he grow a new tube? See pic I attatched
  14. Halimeda Micronesica

    Halimeda micronesica
  15. Bullseye Pistol Shrimp

    bullseye pistol 1 after its first molting in my tank.
  16. 37 Gallon Mini Reef

    NEW tank, this is what I have so far....
  17. General Reef Discussion
    Want to be famous? Okay...well probably not like famous, famous, but I'm looking for someone with a full-blown softie tank that is interested in having their tank profiled in a short article on which I am working. I posted this in the soft coral forum as well. Please let me know if you...
  18. General Reef Discussion
    Before I start This build thread I have to thank the person who is making it possible for me to set up this tank. So Josh, Thanks so much. About a month ago I came home from having some cocktails at a local establishment to find many gallons of water on the floor. Finding a leak when your...
  19. General Reef Discussion
    Well the quality is not what I would like (IE. grainy, colors are not good sometimes, etc.) . But what the heck, here is a "mini-movie" I made of my setup...guess I have to much free time on my hands! Oh well, enjoy!
1-20 of 149 Results