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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Everything in my tank has been just fine, I used to have a small little 5 gallon that I then switched over to a 20gL. things still seemed to be fine however I started to see my Trumpet coral getting skinny. my water parameters are fine so i have no idea what could be wrong. I did notice the...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hello, I am nee to salt water reef tanks and recently i have noticed something growing om my trumpet coral. After doing some research i can not figure out what it is, i have attached a picture if anyone know what this is it would be of great help.
  3. LPS Coral Forum
    I've had this trumpet coral since it was just 2 pieces, and it's grown pretty nicely since then. Recently the front part has split but in a weird way: it has an odd bulge in the center where it split, almost like a balloon about to pop. Any ideas what's going on?
  4. LPS Coral Forum
    Hi all, I have a trumpet up towards the top part of my tank that looks very puffy, but I'm concerned it's TOO puffy. Is it getting too much light? I'm using an AI Nano that I've slowly ramped up from 25%, I'm at about 50% white, 60% blue and deep blue but I'm not getting that blue pop they had...
  5. Hood

    Initial hood shots - 7 Nov 2013
  6. LPS Coral Forum
    Two of the four new frags that I got today!!!
  7. LPS Coral Forum
    I recently bought a trumpet coral and one of the "heads" has been splitting, but hasn't in the past few weeks. Does it normally take this long? Now the part that's begun to split has turned white in the "crease" where the two are coming apart. I've attacked a pic below in hopes that it can help...
  8. LPS Coral Forum
    Hello. I have this trumpet coral. Initially I bought a colony of 7 heads and split it into 3 pieces. 2 pieces are fine and look very happy, but one of them seems to be dying. On the picture, you can see the sick piece and one of healthy ones. I just moved the dying piece closer to the healthy...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    is my trumpet coral sick on one of the heads its expelling a long stringy brown stuff is this waste or is it sick ?
  10. General Reef Discussion
    I just got a trumpet coral yesterday and one of the heads is deflated now. The others look good. Also added a favia frag, which looks fine. Not sure if its related but when I got up this morning the water was cloudy for some reason. I hooked up a filter sock to try and clear it up and am...
  11. General Reef Discussion
    We have had this trumpet coral in our tank since back in September. It has never grown or changed. In the past several weeks there are days that I swear it is dead, sometimes find it shriveled up like raisins. I never see the feeding tentacles out any more. Our tank parameters are good...
  12. General classifieds
    Here is what I have: Trumpet coral with 75+ polyps: $80 Trumpet coral 9 polyps: $10 xenia coral: $15 All items are pickup only. They are located in Howell, NJ. Pictures are available upon request. Thanks
  13. Northeast Florida Marine Aquarium Society
    Ok so i got this trumpet coral and today i was eye locked as usaul but then i noticed that it now has two mouths on one of the heads is this normal?
  14. LPS Coral Forum
    I have a small trumpet coral with 2 heads and one of them fell off recently. The head has stayed vibrant and yellow for the last couple of days since it fell off. Is it just dead tissue or can I get to to attach to a rock and regrow?
  15. Trumpet Coral

    Trumpet Coral
  16. Hofer Gurgle Buster

    they really work!
  17. General Reef Discussion
    So after much help from you all here on TRT, my tank is finally starting to look like a reef tank. I just wanted to share some pics and say thanks! Bought a $20 frag of xenia a few months back and I've got a forest now, Crazy! I know I've got to add a bit more things but it's a...
1-20 of 239 Results