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    Okay, As most of you know I am taking my 125 R/R tank down. Last weekend a number of corals & fishies found nice new homes however, I still need to find nice new homes for a bunch more great looking corals & a few more fishies. As well as the tank, Stand & canopy, sump etc. So I just wanted to...
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    :thumbup: Heck yeah!
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    a Large Lion fish and a lergish soldier fish only stipulations: you cannot sell these, if you must park ways with them then you have to give them away. second. if you ever need to get rid of the lion fish you have to offerhim back to me first!! he is my buddy i cannot care for him right now...
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    I'm looking for a couple items for my QT set-up. TF1000 skimmer. I'd like to pay about $75 Mag 5 or 7. I'd like to pay about $25-30. I've had luck with these items in the past and I'm pretty sure those are the prices I've sold them for in the club. I'll be gone for a couple weeks...
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    Some of you may find this e-mail I just got interesting: " Hi; You may have exhibited at IMAC or MACNA before, but here is a new opportunity for you to reach even more hobbyists. For years, we have been receiving emails from West Coast hobbyists complaining that we don't have an IMAC near them...
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    Couple of things that just got my blood boiling tonight. I usually don't do this but just needed to rant about it. 1st I was watching a news program that was talking about super bowl commercials one in particular. The "GM Robot" commercial. They had some lady on there talking about how it...
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    Tico Mike and I would be willing to split an order of this fine sake if we could find anyone who would be interested in going in on the third bottle. I don't think either of us are really sake people, but after reading all that sakeguy on the woot site had to say, I'm willing to give it a try...
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    Here are the details for the speaker event being held March 17th. We will be selling tickets in advance at this saturdays meeting. Mike Paletta, Steven Pro and Dr. George Batten from Sea chem will all be coming to speak to the club and any one else who would like to attend. The details are below.
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    OK the 125 has to go, so I need to move things in the house. The 125 was the tank with the Ich issues, but it has most all of my PRIMO live rock. I also have the 120 in the living room with most of my fish (this tank stays as its in a built in wall unit). I did try to put the (3 month old)125...
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    Thats all I have to say.
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    Well, I finally decided that I can't take it anymore working for a complete jack***** that thinks abusing his employees is a business owner's privilege. So here I am, out of work but also relieved of a huge burden. I heard the other day that 95% of jobs are found through word of mouth and...
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    I had to go and get myself a new computer today and wouldn't you know it, they only sell systems with Microsoft Vista anymore. I used to be really on top of this but I wasn't even aware of the fact that they released this yesterday. Maybe I missed the broadcast with that Mick Jagger Dinosaur...
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    We figure $15 for an evening of entertainment is just way too low. We are offering a few things up for raffle. Please buy as many tickets as you feel you can afford. If you can't really use the item you could offer it up to a noob, donate it to Augsberg, back to your favorite LFS, or re auction...
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    I was going to post this in the MO section but wanted to give a chance to some newbies to come. This Saturday we are having a fundraiser for the speakers that are coming this year. Entry is $15. Frags are the prizes. Most all of the seats are filled, but we want to have five or so extra...
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    Allright I am doing a little market research on a new franchise we are strongly investigating. Some of you may or may not be familiar with the Smart brand. This is a small car that is built in Europe and there parent company is Daimler Chrysler. They are extermelly popular in Europe and are...
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    Mike likes this Favia, so when it pinched off a baby the other night i saved to a plug and am going to give it to him if it survives and grows a little....(dont tell him):ac11:
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    Hey all, I'm looking for a head-count for this Saturday. Remember that the meeting will begin at 1pm. For newcomers to the club, remember to contact [email protected] for directions. If you're planning on coming, please reply here with the number of people that will be attending. Always...
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    Sorry these took so long. Was having some problems with the puter. Anyway, here they are.
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    what would be a good skimmer for my 30g long. a hob. i have a sea clone 100 and it dose ok but want something better.
1-19 of 500 Results