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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello my name is John I’m new to fish keeping and decided to go all in with a reef tank at my girlfriend’s insistence. We set the tank up on July 5th and hopefully we can put coral later this year. Tank: 65 gallon 90lbs of live rock 1XYellow Tail Damsel 1X Three Stripe Damsel 3X Scarlet Hermit...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hey there, I have am new to the forum and would like to first apologize if this is the wrong place to be posting this, sorry. I recently moved to northern suburbs of Houston TX. Not wanting to move my 55g from utah I have opted to start fresh with a 46g bowfront and am now at the point that i...
  3. Special Events
    This past weekend was the Austin Home and Garden Show and even had the people from the animal planet show Tanked come out and give a presentation. I was wondering if anyone went as I was far too busy to go.
  4. General Reef Discussion
    I was trying to find any one in the Corpus Christi area it does not look like their is any one. :fish:
  5. General Reef Discussion
    I got accepted for a job in Las Cruces, NM...are there any reef/marine specialty stores near El Paso? I'm sure there are, just thinking about all possibilities. I'm slated to move near November, considering overnighting my livestock to a petstore nearby so we can drive with live rock/corals...
  6. Special Events
    Anyone know of any or how to get us on the map? I feel very left out :(
  7. Special Events
    I'm looking to find expos marine and reef clubs and associations in and around the San Antonio area but have family and friends south and across the southern coast line. Anywhere from Galveston to South Padre! Thanks in advance.
  8. Special Events
    Hi ppl we are getting together in the 12th of august in Plano, TX. Please let us know if you would like to attend. We will hang out and swap frags.
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Im looking for people that live on texas a&m corpus christi, that have fish tanks, is their any one on here that does?
  10. General Reef Discussion
    HELP! I live south of Houston, Texas in Santa Fe and I am beginning to think I am the only reefer in the area.... How can I find others in my area? I have looked on many forums, but like this one, Texas is not represented in the clubs and orgs that I have found... I have lots of corals to...
  11. Large Systems
    Anybody selling large reef tanks like 180+ in or around Houston, Texas??
  12. General Reef Discussion
    Hello everyone - I'm back on TRT after a long hard semester at work (high school band director in Texas... enough said). Missed this place! My husband and I found out this week that our LFS, the Pet Boutique in Garland, Texas, has apparently gone out of business... :bigeek: we go there...
1-12 of 12 Results