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  1. Tank Specs
    55 gallon. Using live sand, 20 t pounds live rock, marineland c-160 canister with matrix biofiltration and matrix carbon. Also have a marineland bio wheel 200. Set up date Dec 30, 2017. One wave maker and one powerjet.
  2. Tank Specs
    Hello, I just joined but have been viewing this forum for a couple of months now and have found it very helpful. This is my first saltwater aquarium. I have a 20g dt with a 10g refugium. I run a bh-50 nano skimmer rated to 50g in my refugium. I have roughly 40lbs of lr. I have had it up for...
  3. Tank Specs
    Hey all! New to the hobby and wanted to put up my tank specs for reference. -85g hexagon flatback acrylic tank -30g sump/refug w/chaeto macroalgae, 2" sandbed and LR -Eshopps S120 Protein Skimmer -Ecoxotic 48" Panorama LED System with additional actinic strip -2x Hydor Koralia Evolution 750s...
  4. Tank Specs
    I am relatively new to fish keeping, I have a few tanks dry awaiting set up and currently have a double 20g tank stand with a FW community tank up top and a FOWLR tank on bottom. I realize 20s are pretty small, but these are what fit in the room I have them in, and I am of a mind these are a...
  5. Tank Specs
    So this tank is a whole 1 week old.. This is what is going on so far 40 Breeder 20 Gallon (long) Sump Eshopps S-120 Skimmer Aquatop Pump (for sump) 2- Koralia Pumps (550gph and 1050gph) 30lbs of LR 20lbs of dead rock Live Sand (about 1/2") No Fish or Corals (that I have added) but I do have...
  6. Tank Specs
    65 g Glasscages Acrylic Tank with overflow, 1.5 in drain, 1.0 in return 28 g Eshopps Refugium II sump tank 54w x 4 AquaticLife T5 Lighting Eheim Compact+ 5000 pump Deep sand beds both tanks Chaeto in refugium section Eheim 100 watt heaters (2) in sump 50# Live Rock No Livestock yet...still in...
  7. Tank Specs
    I have a 90 gal reef tank drilled with large sump below, Skimmer, UV Light. Lots of live rock, coral, anemeni, sea weed, gro-lux and actinic lighting, several different types of Goby, 1 Red Shrimp, 2 Clowns, 6 fire tails.
  8. Tank Specs
    We're in the process of setting up a 110 gallon reef tank. It's been a couple months now and we have our live sand and live rock. Lots of things growing on most of the rock already, a few that have postively sprouted with various things. We've had a couple damselfish in the tank now for almost...
1-8 of 8 Results