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    155G Bowfront Build - scratched glass repair In one year I've craiglisted my way from 35G to 75G to 155G Bowfront I've learned a lot but time and again have fallen victim to impatience I've been reading tons of Geoff posts, bugging FutureDoc for skimmer advice, even searched old Spanky posts...
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    Hey Everyone ! I'm beginning my build on my 110 XH Gallon Reef. Want to follow along ? Got questions , Or just want to see how is everything going ? Comment if you want me to post daily the progress that is happening. Hope you all enjoy. thanks :thumbup:
  3. General Reef Discussion
    hi people my tanks is a 110 gallon tank as been running for 4 months now. had a bit of a problem with ich at the start but i did hyposalinty to cure it. which is all cured now. was lucky only had a bit of live rock and no corals . im going shop tomorrow to get a load of live rock was wondering...
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    Hi, Im in the proccess of upgrading from a small corner tank to a bigger L40xD18xH24 tank. Im gonna build the stand, hood, sump and other stuff i may need. I built a 3ft freshwater setup for my dad a few years ago but this build is far beyond anything ive done before, so wish me luck. Im gonna...