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tahitian moon sand

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    ok I gave up on the 125 for now cant seem to get it to my house with out it haveing a crack or leaking so I gave up on it (for now). that said I found a 50gal tank stand and lights for 50$ so I couldnt pass it up seeing that my 55 is about to split open at the seams. I set it up yesterday and...
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    Ok, I am lazy and would rather someone just tell me how many pounds of sand it would take to fill a 75 gallon tank with 4 inches of sand. length=48" width=18" If someone does know a formula I would like it as well for future endeavors. <img src="graemlins/blob.gif" border="0" alt="[blob]" />
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    I do not really expect an answer to this anytime soon, due to the horrible events of today, but here is the question anyway. I was wondering if tahitian moon sand(black) is of the right grain size for a deep sand bed? Thanks.
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    Hey all, just installed my new seahorse tank. It's all set to go, cured live rock, black tahitian moon sand (and an inch of HD sand under it), Prizm skimmer, LOA 65w PC light, and UV. The funny thing is that I wanted a Hex tank, my wife picked this tank. I got it home, and apparently she...
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    Reef Tank Equipment: Start Date 6 June 1999 Last update 6 Mar 01 ---------------------------------- 65 gal AGA w/overflow and AGA pine stand 2 each 250w HQI double ended in PFO minihoods w/IceCap MHP ballasts Reef Devil 3 Skimmer w/sen 700 pump 2 MaxiJet 1200 pwr heads Mag 7 for return K-Mart 22...