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  1. Lighting
    I'm setting up a hard coral toxicity challenge study. For each experimental tank (20 gallon - 31"x21"x14") - I'm using a Deep Blue Solar Extreme T5HO 36 inch quad lamp lights (2-10K daylight lamps, 2-Actinic-03 lamps - each bulb at 39W= 156W unit out put). The water depth above the hard coral...
  2. General classifieds
    Hey all! I am selling a trinity 96 watt 24" t5ho light fixture (4x24watts). Got a bigger tank and can't use this anymore. I paid $260 for it and would like $180. But I'll take offers. Just want to sell it since I can't use it. It's only a few months old and works great! My bubble tip anemone...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    Will this 24" fixture produce enough light to grow SPS and LPS In 20g HIGH (24x12x16)??
  4. General Reef Discussion
    I have had this aqualife t5ho for a couple months now and I haven't seen little to no growth in my tank. My tank has 2x 18w lighting 1x 10000k and 1x 420nm blue. Corals I have are mushrooms, Ricordia, Kenya tree, frogspawn, toadstool, candy cane, Monti cap, gsp, zoas, and Xenia. Tank has 14...
  5. Lighting
    I currently have a 15g that has the footprint of a 10g, and will be upgrading it to a 30g that is about 36L x 18W x 12H. I'm currently using an LED DIY that I made myself on my 15g, which will be too small to light the 30g and will need to invest in new lighting. I'm currently debating between...
  6. Lighting
    I am in the process of buying equipment for my (soon to be) reef tank. This is my first reef tank and I have tons of questions but I will start with my current question. I currently have a 56g column tank (30"w x 18"d x 24"h) and I am having trouble figuring out exactly how much T5 lighting to...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    Hey! Just an FYI for everyone looking to upgrade their lighting right now. Marine Depot has got an AWESOME sale going on for their Tek T5HO light fixtures. I just bought the 6x54watt 48" fixture for $267 for my 75 gallon! Sunlight Supply Tek fixtures are pretty much the best T5HO lighting units...
  8. Lighting
    Ok.. so I have 1 t5ho coralife fixture with two bulbs and 1 odyssea t5ho fixture with four bulbs.. The coralife fixture uses 30 inch bulbs which leave little options in terms of customization .. in there currently is one 10k and an actinic .. the only other bulb that would fit in that fixture...
  9. Lighting
    HI a am looking to buy t5 lights. I dont really want to spend to much money and the low prices at really attracted me and what i was really wondering is if any one had used this site and if so did were you happy with the quality.
  10. Lighting
    I was looking at either a 6x54w t5ho set or 8x54w. I have a 75 that will be reef once I get the lighting for it. I havent decided what I want to keep in it yet. And I'm also not good with lighting issues. I need some recommendations! :help:
  11. General Reef Discussion
    I am trying to choose MH bulbs for my new 90 gallon and I can not find the right bulb... I want to find a bulb that will not be too bright, but has good output and has the looks of kind of a 25/75 PC combo (25% 10,000k and 75% actinic) that can still push high PAR and grow colors well without...
1-11 of 11 Results