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t5 bulbs
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  1. Marine Depot
    E5 lamps in stock + BIG biological filtration deals Upgrade to power-saving LED without changing your entire lighting system Your T5 will never be a T5 again! Biological Filtration: Grow Beneficial Bacteria for a Thriving Ecosystem All I want for Fishmas #6: ATI T5HO Bulbs + Euroquatics...
  2. Lighting
    I currently have 2 led fixtures. I believe the brand is Ecoray. Im looking to accent with a two bulb T5 fixture. I am looking into what would be the best two bulb combo to accent the LED's they are only white and blue. Im looking into ATI bulbs. It is a mixed reef with a nem. Any help would be...
  3. Marine Depot
    Red Sea REEF-SPEC T5 bulbs are 20% off this week! - View bulb color options - Red Sea T5 light guide to help you decide These high quality German-made bulbs are proven to provide the intensity and color spectrum required by even the most demanding coral species, like Acropora, Montiopora...
  4. Marine Depot
    We created 5 reference charts for our most popular T5 fluorescent bulb brands to help you get an idea of how to mix-and-match them to achieve the right look and optimal growth in your reef tank. If your light fixture has multiple plugs to simulate dawn/dusk, put actinics and blues all on one...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    I just received a 6 bulb Current T5 Extreme Nova Pro. Dual switches, 1 switch controls the 4 main bulbs(2 white, 2 blue) and the other controls the other 2 blue bulbs. Its suggested to turn the 2 blues on first like a hour before and a hour after the mains. I need to replace 2 bulbs(1 white...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    I have a 12 bulb Aquactic Life 72" fixture on a 125 gallon tank. Im near the end of the life for the bulbs so looking to get some replacements. Now the bulbs that are currently being used are the factory aquatic life bulbs which are as follows: 8 36" T5HO 39W 420/460nm actinic/blue lamps 2 36"...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    So I'm looking at a 6 bulb t5 fixture for my stepsons new tank(35 hex) and my issue is that I can't find 16 inch bulbs anywhere?? It's a 20" current usa fixture I'm getting used but I might have to pass if I can't find bulbs?? Anybody where to find these things?? Thanks Stewie
  8. Lighting
    We currently have a 125g tank that we are going to downsize into a 75g tank. On the 125g we have two Deep Blue Professional T5 lights that I HATE because they have so many issues and do not work most of the time. We bought at 48" coralife t5 aqualight (has two bulbs) a while back to supplement...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    looking for some better t5s for my 10 gallon. i want a bluish color but the best growth. i looked at ATI and Giesseman but neither one has 18'' bulbs. i want m coral to glow.
  10. Palmetto Marine Aquarium Club
    Selling my 30 gallon T5 unit, that is in great shape. Has 1 blue actinic and 1 white bulbs but are a year old. Not asking very much and would accept nice offers. $40 (864-575-3009) Leave message if needed. Thanks! Lara Martin
  11. General Reef Discussion
    its time to replace my t5 atlantic bulbs but i can not find any for sale on the net. could anyone tell me a good place to find them and what a good brand for atlantic bulbs are? thanks
  12. Lighting
    I was wondering what people here think is the best bulb combination for a 6 bulb t5 fixture. I was thinking: 2 ATI True Actinic 2 ATI Aquablue Special 2 ATI Coral Plus What do you think? I want a color temp overall of about 12k-14k.
  13. Lighting
    Hello, I am new to posting at TRT but have been using a lot of the forums to help out with my tanks in the past 4 months. I have a 75 gal reef tank just the standard 48" and i am currently running 6 T5 bulbs 3 actinic and 3 1200k. My question is I want to start doing SPS corals here in the...
  14. Reefing Equipment
    My bulbs are about 9 months old now. I have a softy/lps dominated system. How long do these type of bulbs put out quality light before needing to be replaced?
  15. Lighting
    I have a metal halide system running 3 250w 14k bulbs and 4 80w t5s. I'm replacing the t5s "cause the ones it came with were junk" and i don't know which to get 4 ati blue plus bulbs or go with 2 460nm and 2 420nm hamilton bulbs please help.
  16. Lighting
    I was given a canopy that has 15"L T5 bulbs, yet I can not find 15" T5 coral bulbs anywhere. Taking any advice
  17. For Sale /Trade or Buy
    I have about 10 T5 HO bulbs that I would like to trade out for some frags.. 3 are brand new, and the rest have about 6 months use on them. Most of them are ATI bulbs.
  18. General classifieds
    I need to sell my Lights it's too big for my tank... 48" 6 bulbs t5 lights system. I am looking to get $150 for them will settle for the best offer!
  19. General Reef Discussion
    I'm almost due to replace my bulbs. I have: two 39watt, 36" (34" pin to pin) Current USA Slimpaq 10Ks, and two 39watt, 36" (34" pin to pin) Current USA Slimpaq 460s. I have ricordeas, Duncans, a couple chalice, Montipora, Acans, Blastos, Micromusa, etc. I'm looking at Giesemann. Their...
  20. General Reef Discussion
    Goodmorning! I was looking for suggestions on a t5ho bulb. I had purchased 2 geissman bulbs earlier and with all the choices and unclear names I bought the wrong bulbs! So I am looking for a 4th bulb for the actinic slot and don't know which to get. So here is what I have: 1.) GE 6500K 2.) ATI...
1-20 of 31 Results