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  1. General Reef Discussion
    Hi guys, I recently purchased a sun coral from my LFS about a month ago and its doing great. Now however, I'm going on our family vacation. we leave on the 10th and won't be back until the 19th. Is this too long for my sun coral to go with out food?? also, my girlfriend is coming to the house to...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Sharon and I recently purchased a bright orange sun coral at a reef show from a nice couple from Cleveland. It is a really awesome piece!! I have done my research on it and know that it needs low light and water flow plus it has to be regularly fed to survive. I have has been over two weeks...
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I'm going on a work trip for 10 to 14 days. It will be hard enough to get my wife to feed my fish, change my filter socks, and empty the skimmer while taking care of three kids ages 4 and under. I already know a water change is out of the question. I normally direct feed my sun coral every 3...
  4. Sun Coral

  5. General Reef Discussion
    First time posting, but I have been following RT for about a year. Big help getting into reefs or in my case FOWLR which I started with. So I got my first coral a few weeks ago a GSP from my LFS. Tbh I was hoping my clowns would host it cause Im deathly afraid of putting an anemone in my tank...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    Hi there! My tank is looking healthier and I have had a lot of recent growth. The reef is two years old. It's a 50 gallon. It has a skimmer, rodi unit, I use instant ocean I think for salt. I got a new t5 daylight bulb, 12,000k. Looks good just thought I would share:)
  7. LPS Coral Forum
    I regrettably purchased an orange sun coral about a month or so ago, it had nice color but was retracted due to the lights, well, I have had it all this time and it has not come out. I attempt to entice it with brine and Cyclops, but nothing. It has begun to slowly die off. It has nice color...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Hi, I am new to here and reef tanks. I bought some Sun Coral and they aren't feeding. The first day I had them, they came out and fed. after that though, which is now a few days later. I can't get them to come out. I had them in a bright part of the tank, and moved them to a shadier spot. I...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Just a couple pic's of my black suns feeding + 4 new heads
  10. LPS Coral Forum
    ok i bought this coral by mistake when i placed an order from reefs2go and it was in my basket and i forgot to remove it, now its here in my tank , when i got it about 4 days ago it was nasty, and skeletal and looked like it was going to die honestly, so skinny and hungry, i was going to give it...
  11. SPS Coral Forum
    i brought my first frag of coral today. Dealer calls it a sun coral and tells me it has to be fed every couple of days. My question is sun coral the correct name and if it is what is the scientific name for them?
  12. Light Posts For My 120 Build

    some 1/2 emt conduit light posts. Sprayed with some rustoleum to help with rust issues.
  13. LPS Coral Forum
    quick question, I have a sun coral with about 40 heads and was looking for a peaceful coral to put next to it. I have read that the dendros are peaceful and require the same general care. Will these corals harm each other if place next to one another in a LPS only tank? Side note, my sun...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    I've had 4 sun corals for about 3 months (all attached to the same rock), the only time they come out is in the daytime (mostly during feeding time), and i have a 75 gal Tank that has been running for 2 years
  15. New Set Up

    quick fix ran out of room so it all got poured into the 80 first half
  16. General Reef Discussion
    i bought a sun coral frag approx. 4 days ago. I cannot get the sucker to open up! did some research on it some more..i have moved it around the tank.. put it in 3 different low light fed..just cant get it to open up...any suggestions, everything super healthy!! 55 gal mod flow...
  17. LPS Coral Forum
    Hey guys, So I picked up some sun corals from the store. When I picked them up they were not opened but, the owner insured me that they open up at night for feeding. ( I know its never a good idea to pick up coral that isnt perfect at the store)However, I know have the sun coral in my tank. Its...
  18. Zoa, Xenia Pest

    Zoa, invaded by a Xenia sprout.
  19. General Reef Discussion
    I'm thinking of adding to my corals and livestock and I saw some things I really like. I love the look of sun coral and have read quite a bit about it, namely that you definitely got to feed them as they're not photosynthetic feeders. I also like the ricordea, lots of nice colors. I am also...
1-20 of 500 Results