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  1. Marine Depot
    Featured Tank: Garry's jaw-dropping collection of SPS corals This 280 gallon reef is PACKED with gorgeous SPS corals!
  2. Cleveland Brown

    Our whiteface tang
  3. Frogspawn

  4. Hood

    Initial hood shots - 7 Nov 2013
  5. Diy Stand Sealed/painted

    DIY 40g Breeder Stand
  6. Inside Wall Tank Photos

    55Gal reef tank with 75gal Sump/Refugium
  7. Drilling Tank

    Made a template
  8. Stand Frame V2 With Tanks

    Version 2 of my stand frame with open end for skimmer.
  9. New Tank

    I'm new & so is my tank.
  10. Sump Baffle

    The sump and overflow for my 40
  11. 75g Preditory Reef Tank

    1-27 predatory reef pics
  12. General Reef Discussion
    stonies and softies in tank together--worried? I'm wondering how concerned verteran aquarists are about having some softies in with mostly large and small polyp stony corals. Is this really a big concern? I have, in a 26 gallon tank with all normal parameters: Some very large frogspawns 1...
  13. SPS Coral Forum
    Ok, so I'm going to be buying some corals and I'm not 100% sure they will go together. I'm only planning on getting a few of them. I am just wondering which ones I should worry about going at it and killing each other, or if I could keep them together just at other ends of the tank? Anyway...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Im going to have SPS in my new 55 gallon and wanted to ask a few questions.. What are some really nice looking beginner SPS corals? I was thinking a birdsnest, some monti caps and others but dont know which ones i should get at first. They will be under a 4x54 tek fixture in a 55 gallon tank, im...
  15. Lps Corals

1-20 of 500 Results