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star polyps
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  1. General Reef Discussion
    First I want to say just how much I love and appreciate this site!!! I restarted my saltwater tank after moving. It has been up and running now for about 14 months. I have only had one problem 3 months ago, a major fish and coral die off right after adding 2 new fish, LFS found no problems...
  2. General Reef Discussion
    Hi my star polyps was out and open until i moved him from the corner of the tank to its final restin spot on the rock.. He is closed up now and i noticed a lot of white on him i am fairly new to the saltwater setupcould he release toxins that could kill my clowns cause i noticed my clowns...
  3. "Soft" corals
    I purchased my first corals on April 1st and they have been doing pretty good. I've had three green mushrooms split on their own and another one is in the process of splitting. My zoanthids were wilted for a little while but they have sprung back, and I've seen four or five new heads. I believe...
  4. "Soft" corals
    How long does it take for star polyps to take over a rock?
  5. General Reef Discussion
    I got a star polyp colony form my lfs about two weeks ago. When I got it the rock that it was on was nice and solid. Recently I started noticing that some of the polyps weren't opening and then I also noticed what looks like a cotton like substance between the stems. (See picture. ) Three...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    <HR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #ffffff" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> 2 of my corals haven't been opening in the last 4 days, a star polyp and a flower pot (goniopora lobata ). This happened after a water change and a feeding. I feed them and my other corals...
  7. "Soft" corals
    hey guys i want to rearange my corals to be able to eliminate some rocks for swimming space for my fisheis but i wanted to know if it would be okey for a kenyas tree trunck or base to touch either long tenicle star polyps or a large rock of zooanthids or eiven both? would the corals eventually...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Here is the latest addition to my tank. sorry for the bad quality pics, night light is on :P For some reason my lfs said that it is better to transport these guys with no water.... supposedly to reduce damage, thats even if they survive :lol: I also asked how I would acclimate them and he...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    A couple days ago I purchased some GSP (green star polyps). The first day they remained "in" there coral. The next day they came out, but almost instantly my maroon clown tried to host them. They shot back in and now they wont come out. Any ideas on how to solve the problem?
  10. General Reef Discussion
    The first night I had these things they all opened up. But theyve been closed for the past 48 hours. Whats weird is, only the very small polyps will open. Its a small rock, more like a large piece of rubble. The rock also has a colony of about a dozen xenia heads but I know the xenia arnt the...
  11. "Soft" corals
    Does anyone know of a good product that I should be adding to my water to really get my xenia and star polyps growing?
  12. General Reef Discussion
    star polyps have a clear film over the mat..some have managed to poke through but some cant but seem to be trying...the film almost looks like when a leather sheds..soorry camera is broken
  13. General Reef Discussion
    i currently have star polyps touching hairy shrooms and looks like the 1 shroom touching the star polyps is not coming out as much..any thoughts?
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Hola! We're starting up a new system, and I wanted to solicit some ideas. The tank is deep (30 inches) and will have a rubble bottom which will make the substrate surface about 24 inches deep. The tank dimensions are 30"x18"x20" and it currently has 2x18 watt T5 HO 10/k/460 nm (Curent Nova...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    I have some frog spawn and some green star polyp. It was growing and opened real pretty and now the green star is starting to waste away. The frog spawn stays closed pretty much. I did a water change last week end and my parameters were: Ammonia----0 pH-----8.2 Nitrite-----0 Nitrate----0...
  16. General classifieds
    I need to make room in my tank for more SPS. I am selling a bunch of stuff from my tank. I have: Green star polyps (not the neon ones but the forest green ones) 2 Breeding Chromis Orange Zoas a few eagle eyes finger leathers army sand camo palys baby blue eyed zoas powder blue palys...
  17. General Reef Discussion
    Not sure I am in the right forum, but I have a question. Can anyone tell me what this is? And is it bad to have in our tank? Thanks ;)
  18. Nano Reefs
    First and foremost, I would like to say hi, I randomly stumbled across this site when doing research for my marine tank in the near future and these forums look like a collage of collected people of similar interests and information, so I figured it was a good place to start asking questions. :)...
  19. General Reef Discussion
    Hi my favorite type of fish fanatics (hope I spelt that right) anyway I am back on here because I am changing my freshwater 30 gallon tank to a saltwater so that my lil clownfish (chowder) can have alot more room. Now my question is, is 50 pounds of live rock too much for it? I am also adding...
  20. Nano Reefs
    ok i finally got a camera its not the best int he world but i wanted to post pics...i still have not found the charger to mine :doh:
1-20 of 500 Results