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sps bleaching
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    Dear Reefers, I have spent with my family much time and money to get a perfect tank with what I've got and I still have trouble keeping sps corals. My nitrates stay low as I'm dosing red sea PO4-X reducer, and adding all in one calcium and other trace elements. I am wondering...
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    Good day everyone, I have a brown staghorn frag that up to now has been doing well. I started it from two small pieces I got from the LFS's display tank. The base around the pieces has started grown new tissue and polyps. I have cut one of the tips to make new frags and shortly thereafter...
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    Hello everyone, yesterday I made a mistake by accidentally breaking a piece of my red montipora cap. off. I didn't think much about and quickly just glued it back onto another rock. Although it was my first time "fragging" a sps montipora so I made the mistake of pushing down on the montipora...
  4. General Reef Discussion
    So I got a few acro frags from coral fanatics last week (good company if anyone is curious), i put them in my system after a lugol's dip and everything seemed fine for the first day. Then i went away for the weekend and when i returned i noticed two of the acro frags placed closer to the top...
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    i recently made the move to SPS . before i just had lps and zoas. but out of the 7 frags i have 3 are bleaching out. heres my specs and parameters. am:0 N02:0 no3:0 phos:0 ph:8.2 cal 440 lighting 250w MH 46g bowfront 1 koralia 3(850gph) 1 koralia 1(150gph) sps : 2 ora green bird, orange...
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    my xenia ive had for about a month and I am not too farmiliar with xenia and how it acts if u can see the tops of it just doest look healthy and the color is faded kinda..can someone please help me out is it dying or ..what
  7. General Reef Discussion
    My birds nest is starting to bleach. Two things changed in the tank . New salt - Coralife Alk dropped - 1.6 I did a 30% WC and have the Alk @ 2.0 .I'm heating Baking soda in the oven to make a Alk booster .Any thoughts ???
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    What is the white spot? I can take pics if needed. Its in a shaded area of the coral. Is it time to frag it to rid shaded areas? Its under 300watts VHO. about 10 inches from the light....and none of my other sps look bad, they are all growing nicely.
1-8 of 8 Results