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  1. Fs Fading A Bit

    FS #1 right side of tank comparing my 2 FS one is fading more than the other with nearly same light
  2. Eggs

  3. Anemonea Cf. Majano

    Cluster of Anemonea cf. majano
  4. Lr Tank

    10 gallon quarantine tank with LR
  5. Soft Corals

    Blue with Green Fringe
  6. NIMAS- Club members only: Meeting/Selling/Trading
    Well, in planning on moving sometime in the near future, I am going to tear down my 180. I have many items for sale. Live rock and fish will need to go first. But fancy trying to catch my fish with all the LR in there :) Here is what I have! I will be on vacation all next week (June 7 -...
  7. General Reef Discussion
    YES! I have official began my build. I am upgrading my 75 gallon. I will post some pics of the room that I am partitioning off and what the plan is. -I ordered the tank today. Will be here on Friday (I know, quick huh) -Will get a hundred pounds or so of live rock on Sat. -Bought an...
  8. The THINK Tank
    just wondered why "bent" or parabolic reflectors are used instead of just half circle or radius reflectors... seems like the amount of bends is supposed to make a reflector better(referring more to t5 than mh) so with that logic a radius would be equal to an infinate amount of individual bends...
  9. General Reef Discussion
    Trying to decide which used ballast would be better to buy. Options are a dual 250 watt or a dual 400 watt by Sunlight Supply, Blue Wave 7's HQI. Haven't a clue if it's a good brand or ballast, but price seems right. Don't know if dual 250 watts is enough, or dual 400 watts is too much light in...
  10. Lighting
    Ok I have had my tank shutdowna nd in the attic since I moved a year ago. I will be ****ed if the fish store didnt relocate to within 1 mile of my new house. Obviously I HAVE to get the tank going again. I have down sized from 72 to 50. I have an old 400W mh but the reflector is shot.......bent...
  11. Lighting
    Hi all, I'm changing my t8's for 250w MH. But I'm a bit unsure as to whether sps corals need the UV glass cover on the lights. Most Arcade units use uv glass shieds were as alot of the new lighting kits using ice cap ballasts and spider reflectors don't have any uv glass protection. Can anyone...
  12. General classifieds
    *note: Prices are for local residents, if you want shipping, contact me and I will get you a shipping price. I am selling my Dual 400w halide set up, 350.00 bucks, it is only has about 5 months of use on it... Here is what it comes with... PFO Dual Pulse start ballast - retail 245.00 (not...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    Ok I'm building my MH setup right now. Can't decide on a bulb! I was planning the use 2 250W XM10K SE and Atinics. I have 4 96w PCs I was going to use 1 or 2 for atinics. I also have 2 Icecap 430 ballasts I could go with T5 or VHO for atinics. But now I'm thinking I could keep it simple and...
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Which way should I mount my Lights? MH on a 36x24... I am guessing I should mount the bulbs parallel to the front of the tank... I have a 36Lx24Wx20T tank and I am mounting 2 retro 175W MH into the canopy. They have individual spider reflectors. Logic and other setups would tell me to mount...
  15. General Reef Discussion
    Ok, last night momma gave me permission to upgrade from 2x 96w PC to MH. :D I'm thinking either 2x 175w or 250w. I only hava a 75g. Also I an going to get a retro/combo with either PC or T5 atinics. What are your opinions....175w or 250w? , PC or T5, bulb type 10,000k/14,000k or 20,000k?
1-19 of 104 Results