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  1. Tank Setup

    red cardinal
  2. General Reef Discussion
    I am contemplating upgrading to metal halides. I have a friend that is a lighting electrician that will help me upgrade/install everything. I just want to make sure I don't have to make multiple orders/pay multiple shipping fees. I'm looking at the : IceCap 250w MH retrofit Kit w/ 10k and...
  3. Anemonea Cf. Majano

    Cluster of Anemonea cf. majano
  4. General Reef Discussion
    I Have A 180g Dt With One 400w Mh In Center Of Canapy And 4-60inch Actinic Vho' In The Process Of Buying Another 400w Mh System..whats A Good Price? Lfs Here Can Get Me One For $ That A Good Price?..comes With Bulb,ballast And Reflector:fistcash:
  5. Atlanta Reef Club
    I have four spider light reflectors up for sale. Like brand new no rust any where. These are from Hellolights and are of very good quality. Would like to sell all four at once or will sell in pairs. They include mounting hardware and socket assembly ea. Asking $100 shipped. If interested please...
  6. General classifieds
    I have 4 like new spider light reflectors, sockets and cords for $100 + shipping. Shipping runs to most places $12.00. Reflectors and sockets have no rust what so ever. Selling them because I upgraded to the LAIII reflectors. If interested please email [email protected] Thanks
  7. Classifieds - TCMAS Members Only
    Clearing some more stuff for the meeting. Red sea 50mg/h ozone. Comes with air pump and air driers. $80 Used for one year Live rock. This is cooked rock and ready to go. roughly 50 pounds. Mostly fiji. $125 SOLD OTOLITH Satelite 24" orbit fixture 65w bulb and moonlight. Used for a little over...
  8. Atlanta Reef Club
    I have 2x 250w IceCap ballasts wired w/ quick releases and power cables, they include spider light reflectors, mogul sockets, and 10k Ushio bulbs. The ballasts and bulbs have nine months use on them. I would like to do any of the following trades. the 250w ballasts for 175w ballasts: the 175w...
  9. Atlanta Reef Club
    There are two trade scenarios here... 1. 2x 250w 10k MH bulbs USHIO and 2x 250w IceCap electronic ballasts (bulbs and ballast used 9 months) for, 2x 175w 10k MH bulbs and 2x 175w IceCap electronic ballasts (must be less than 9 months life on bulbs and ballasts must be no more than 1 yr old)...
  10. General classifieds
    I have a 225 rr tank, stand, canopy top/ 4 spider light reflectors no lighting included and a lrg Oceanic sump FS. Buyer had to back out because of job tranfer to NY. I was asking $1400 for all but will take $1100 firm. Please email [email protected] Serious inquiries only please. Thanks
  11. General Reef Discussion
    Hi, all. My friend would like to get some help about DIY MH light system and I have no idea of what needed to be done. so I really need all your helps. Thanks in advance. He wanna 2 400W double ended HQI MH. What does he need to buy? I checked on marinedepot and there are so many things but...
  12. TCMAS
    Does anyone have any Spider light reflectors or similar for 2 MH bulbs in a 48" canopy that I could buy? They don't have to have the socket part connected to the reflector.
  13. TCMAS
    After about a year of thinking about and gathering parts my new 120 is finally up and running. Here is a breakdown of the parts and some pics to follow. Tank: 120+, footprint of a 120 and 26-28" tall, I should measure this, built by Greg Shields Stand: Steel stand and canopy built by Bob...
  14. TCMAS
    Anyone got an extra Spider light reflector with mogul socket laying around that they can sell for cheap? Please PM me a price Thanks, Beng
  15. TCMAS
    Anyone have one of these lying around? Troy? I could use one. TIA, Derek EDIT: I accidentily put ballast when I meant to say PENDANT. sorry:doh:
  16. Atlanta Reef Club
    I'm looking for a used (but in decent shape) 150 or 175 watt metal halide pendant for my new tank. I thought I would check here in the Atlanta area before I buy something from ebay, or a retro-fit and attempt to do it myself. Let me know if anyone has one for sale. Thanks. Chad
  17. TCMAS
    This is going to seem a bit odd, but I am looking to trade a 125gallon tank(72x18x22) 20L sump, Ocean Runner OR3500 pump and overflow box for a smaller tank with similar equipment. The 125 is drilled on one end, the sump is drilled. Bulkheads included. I don't have glass tops or strip lights...
  18. TCMAS
    I've been meaning to upgragde my lighting to 400w halides. I currently have 2 250w Hamilton ballasts with the following reflectors "" running parallel on my tank. I also have 2 110w VHO's attached to these reflectors. What I would like to do is...
  19. General Reef Discussion
    I am wondering what the ligth spread of a typical 250 watt HQI bulb is? I am trying to figure out the lighting needs of my new tank. The tank is 48 long, 36 deep, and 24 high. From what I can find a single 150 HQI bulb will light about a 2x2 area, will a 250 light a 3x3 area. I anyone has...
1-20 of 44 Results