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  1. General Reef Discussion
    im getting new filter replacements soon for my 90 GPD refurb system. ive always in the past just replaced the old filters with what came with original purchase, but after looking at the website i see now theres a new upgraded RO membrane for 90gpd that has 99% rejection instead of the 96% that...
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  6. General Reef Discussion
    After running my tank for two years now, I'm finally getting tired of lugging 5 gallon buckets back and forth from the LFS to get my RO/DI. I had been set of getting the Spectrapure refurbished 90 GPD unit that so many on here recommend, but I was talking to the owner of my LFS last night...
  7. Marine Depot
    Scrap the Tap and GO R.O.! Treat your wet pets to the highest quality water possible and eliminate many water quality issues before they start by using a reverse osmosis system And, when you buy any RO or RO/DI system from Marine Depot, you'll receive 15% off all your replacement sediment...
  8. General Reef Discussion
    Based on some of the recommendations I saw from others earlier I bought one of refurb SpectraPure 90's... Showed up and looks good. I have a 55 gallon water barrel that i use to make water. Typically start the RO/DI and then add my Reef Crystals to it and have a small power head running to...
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    There's still time for delivery by Christmas! Sale ends 1/5/14 A new batch of aquarium goodies just went on sale (121 total so far) and there's still time to have your order delivered before the big day! Don't forget-our 10% off all filter media sale ends tonight @ midnight. Stock up and save!
  10. Marine Depot
    Big weekend sale? Oh yes we did! Save 15% on all RO & RO/DI filter systems and accessories until midnight Monday with coupon CLEANWATER Start producing pure water now!
  11. Member Classifieds
    I will soon have the following equipment for sale: Available NOW RO/DI Unit: Spectrapure MaxPure 60gpd unit. Will need new filters. RO membrane is good. Available mid/late September Controller: Reef Keeper Lite with SL1, temp probe and 2 PC4s Skimmer: Reef Octopus SRO 1000sss
  12. Skimmers & other filtration
    Hello. I have SpectraPure RO/DI system with: - sediment filter, - carbon block, - 90 GPD SpectraPure membrane - Some GE membrane I bought in Home Depot - Two DI canisters. In first canister, I have MaxCap resin and second one is SilicaBuster. I have water softener at home. I use Morton...
  13. General Reef Discussion
    i am looking at a SpectraPure® MaxCap RO/DI System w/ Manual Flush - 90 GPD my tap waters tsd is 470 does anyone know if this unit can get that down to 0 and what kind of life i can expect from filter and resin ?
  14. General Reef Discussion
    Hey guys. I just received my spectrapure 90 unit and have been trying to get it working correctly for the past day. I have the black tube with the hose fitting attached to my kitchen sink (had to buy a different fitting for the sink.) However, even at 40 psi, I have water leaking from the back...
  15. Reefing Equipment
    i have the refurbished spectrapure 90 gpd unit, and im going through my first run. my psi is only about 48 psi, and it fluctuates from 48 to about 47. now what things can i do to get more pressure? is this going to shorten the length of my membrane? will cutting the restricter get more pressure...
  16. General Reef Discussion
    I was just wondering what the difference between all of the DI cartridges that spectra pure offers. For example MaxCap and Silica Buster. Also does non-color indicating resin last longer then color indicating resin? :beer:
  17. General Reef Discussion
    So I just setup my new RODI system but my wastewater is off at about 242 ML to 595 ML waste. My PSI is at the upper end of the green safety gauge at 79 PSI (I had to trim back the pressure since it was over pressured). If I am reading the instructions right i should cut this capillary...
  18. General Reef Discussion
    So i just got my spectrapure ro/di unit today and just hooked it up. It says to check the concentrate flow rate and that the ration should be between 4 and 6. Mine is currently running at 2. I then says i should cut the flow restrictor. What i dont understand is the table they give to to get...
  19. General Reef Discussion
    The backbone to any system is the water we put in them. This is the ro/di unit I'm considering for my nano .... I've read reviews and most are positive. Would like to get some feedback from you folks as well!!!
  20. General Reef Discussion
    Just ordered a new SpectraPure® MaxCap RO/DI System, 90gpd w/ Pressure Gauge & Purity Monitor, 6 ATI bulbs (2 Aquablue, 1 Blue Plus, 1 True Actinic, 1 Purple Plus, 1 Coral Plus), a TDS meter, and digital temp gauge! Can't wait to see the tank under the new lights and start using my RODI (screw...
1-20 of 27 Results