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  1. Crustaceans
    We happened to see our Scarlet Skunk cleaner eating fish pellets from the surface of the water upside down. Looked so neat! I didn't know they could do this :)
  2. Photography Forum
    Pictures Taken with Iphone 1)Hermit finds a new shell. 2)cup coral 3)duncan coral side shot 4)Cleaner shrimp says hello You can see the rest of my tank in my signature
  3. General Reef Discussion
    I had 2 skunk cleaners for a while now and they have been happy together carrying egs all the time etc. My wife allways wanted to have fire blood shrimp so I bought one. Two days later one of my skunks is nowhere to be found!!! She was out and about all the time and never hiding before. When I...
  4. Crustaceans
    okay, so i have heard mixed reviews about the coral banded shrimp, i've heard that it is not reef safe from some people and not a very good shrimp to keep at all, but some people seem to really like this shrimp and say it is reef safe. i haven't really done a lot of research on the skunk shrimp...
  5. General Reef Discussion
    For the past couple of nights, I have noticed that one of my cleaner shrimp getting into my clams shell. It seems as if he is cleaning one specific area behind the clams mantel. Also, I have noticed that the mantel area the shrimp is cleaning is not completely coming out of the shell when the...
  6. General Reef Discussion
    I have a 10g nano that currently has: 1 Xenia frag 1 Green star polyp 1 Candy Cane coral 2 red-legged hermits 1 Red linkia starfish 1 Spiny Star Astrea snail The tank is cycled with my nitrate at around ~5-10ppm, I want to ad a shrimp. I want a Blood shrimp but do they clean the tank as...
  7. Margaritaville
    So I've been have a small issue with the local wildlife lately as a possum almost took a chunk out of my boston terrier the other day. I decided to get a trap to catch this crazy possum so I can relocate it but I end up catching my worst nightmare - I just caught a huge f'ing SKUNK. What the...
  8. Reef Fish
    So my 60 g cube has cycled and so far have added a coral banded shrimp and a green clove polyp. The tank is going to be a community reef of generally smaller, peaceful fish. I've been planning to get a clown at some point, and as I browsed one my local LFS I spotted a good looking pair of pink...
  9. Crustaceans
    Has anyone had any luck with a cleaner shrimp and a Fire shrimp co-existing? Fire shrimp can be territorial. I've had both, but not at the same time. It's a 20 gallon, so their could be some territorialism. What do you all think?? Thanks!!
1-9 of 9 Results